Monday, November 15, 2010

The ugly truth~

 Ok.Fine.Im so damn bored at the 5th day of the school is undeniable fact that I miss my teachers,my school(maybe),my friends,and all kinda people around me.Living in this house with my 5 siblings and 1 mum which are all girls(of course mum is a woman),is very boring,yeah maybe it is happening sometimes,but as a MAN,it is not easy for me to get close with them as that is one of the gender's problem.And the most sad is when my father starts to block my facebook which he blocked it via the internet router which I dont know what is the password.But im not that stupid to just keep quiet but I tried to search to the internet on how to bypass the proxy blocker.If u do not understand,just keep quiet.

    So,this is what we call life.When I go to the shopping mall,one of my favourite hobby is observing people.But im not a stalker!Its just that an imaginary of life.Everyone have their own life.Everyone have their own background.From the most damn stylo person until to the 'selekeh" pny budak.P/S:I hate budak2 yg ske jalan2 pakai cap ng short pastu pakai baju "SAYA SAYANG MAK SAYA" or "APA PANDANG-PANDANG",go to the hell lah u!bajet lawa n handsome lah pakai baju mcm tu? down...

    Haha.Different person have a different view.So,when u go to shopping mall,you can see the "sickness' of our society today.What would you do when you see people wearing a long hijab in a shopping mall?and what is your opinion seeing a man wearing a short pants at the mosque?They will say that oh,that woman is crazy and unreasonable for wearing a full set of hijab and baju kurung in the afternoon,And for that guy,they will just close their eyes,and see that thing as something unsignifincant.kepala hotak kau.(nada marah dalam suka),this is our society's problem.

  Ok.Talking about manusia yang sepatutnya pakai tudung tapi x nak pakai ni.Let us take a view pasal mende nih.First anology,ade tudung saji(x ksah la warna ape2 pon.).And a food,anything,asalkan food.When you wanna eat that food,yes of course you have to cook it first or buy it.But we are talking about keeping the food.Suddenly you wanna pee.While you went to the toilet or 'tepi longkang"(ada certain org yg mmg favourite dye.),then how you are going to keep that food?without 'tudung saji",maybe that food have been infected and so-so you will get the diarrhea or its famous name "cirit-birit sp.(tambahan).Do I have to explain it more?I dont think so..So, my expectation to the girl without hijab is ....pandai2 la guna otak.Im not saying that perempuan pakai tudung ni baik sgt"! Yang len tu serahkan kat Allah je lah..Tu antara dia dgn Allah.And another thing,aku paling benci perempuan yang pakai tudung yuna!lagi2 kalo yang putih jernih dan nampak rambut!Baik x yah pakai!okay,sorry for being too direct.

   Im not pointing to anybody.Siape mkn tahi terasa pahitnya.Haha,So the conclusion is,kalo nak pakai tudung pakai lah elok2,tu kan suatu syariat,our religion's  obligation.And one fact is,lelaki suka cari isteri yang solehah,pakai tudung,lagi2 kalo tudung labuh.Perempuan x pakai tudung cuma mainan lelaki je.So, kalo x nak dipermainkan,jgn tunjuk barang berharga you tu kat org lain.Supaya x lah timbul fitnah,lelaki playboy lah,kaki perempuan lah,mmg nak kena kaki lah.Siapa suruh kau pergi tayang2 rambut kau yang bajet lembut panjang dan bergaya tu,hey,lawa lagi lah bulu keldai.Padan muka!yes,finally,puas gak ati aq yang tgh panas nih~sorry,to anybody yang terasa ek,this is my freedom of speech.You cannot sue me dlm court pon.Haha.okay,sorry for post yang pelik nih


  1. mmg pelik nk mati ar ko nie..ayt cm siot jew..xsangke bley kuar ayt nie..haha..nva yg mnaip nie pon xla bek sgt(refer kt aku)..mmg direct gle btol ko nie..nsib bek aku xdlm kategori sume tu kalo tak,mau kne simbah mke ko..bwahaha..(glk kejam)

    ko knl aku tp nie bkn aku..
    haha..ja ne~~~~~~~

  2. adaq aa..cbe la teka..aku dh bagi hint dah..
    ko knl cara taip tu bkn style aku..haha..

  3. haha..kalo aku gtau x bez,ko agak ak pompuan ke laki??

  4. tuttut...wrong answer...u juz killed peter the hang-man..haha..aku jantan??bkn..aku betina??bkn..aku laki??bkn..aku pompuan??itu la die..xcaye??

  5. and so who r u pempuan??
    aq mmg ske org2 misteri nih!
    rse nak kasi pelempang jepun jer~

  6. kalo ko rse bley smpi ak,kasi ar..
    ak pon tringin nk rase pelempang jepon..
    sonok aku kaco org nieyh..
    org misteri??haha..lurve the plik cmne ko bley pkir aku laki..haha..

  7. nnt aq hantar selipar jepon buat ganti plempang~
    ape kao nak?
    sape kao?
    this is the last msg!
    lepas ni x dilayan!

  8. lawak ar kaco org nie..haha..
    jgn mrh..aku pon dh xkn kaco
    identiti aku biar la rahsia..
    himitsu wa himitsu..
    a secret makes a woman woman..


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