Friday, November 12, 2010

The start of something new ~

        Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.So,here I am.Posting something to my loyal follower.Thanks guys.Just a brief to my life,yeah,finally I can breath easily when I finished my school session for 2010 today.Eventhough the life in SBP is really tiring,but it is still building us to be someone great.My face has become darker as 'kayaking' in the afternoon.Good time for kayak.The trip to Melaka had become something significant in my life.Its true that camping always give us something valueable which is cannot be obtained through formal learning in class.When we go for a camping,it means you will been exposed to mosquitoes,rains,and even dangerous insects.But,there is one thing that you should know,these things are just a small things in our life.When we try to put our mind in a neutral condition,you will feel that all of that as "asam garam" in your life.

        There is one thing that I love about jungle and camping.SURVIVAL.Maybe it is nothing for some of  us,but  for me,it is a very unforgettable experience in my life.And really,I love survival activities.I got an interest in it.Firstly,it teaches us on how to survive on your own when you are alone,there is nobody around,and you are facing a dangerous situation.These are only the concept of survival.You have to use everything that you have to hold one thing,your LIFE.No matter if in the jungle or anywhere,you will experience it.When you dont have the strength which is mentality strength,a professional swimmer could drowns if his mentality is low.Take for example,when you and me are isolated in an island.You have a high Intellectual Quotient(IQ) and I have a high Emotional Quotient(EQ),frankly,you will die earlier than me because the first law of survival is Relax.If you have a serious panic,then you are the one who will die first because knowledge is unuseable when you do not calm down.Okay,that is a little promotion on

       Here,I have a little knowledge to be shared when you lost somewhere in the jungle.(not advisable if you lost in your father's garden)

  1.   When you lost in the jungle,if your voice are loud enough,then you can yell as loud as you can.But,when you cant,here is the step,can you see a large surface of root at the pic above?Yes,you can pick any large stick and knock it at the is the fact.The sound produced can be heard around 3 KM in radius.So,when you heard any sound like that in the jungle,dont run!Maybe there is someone needs your help.
  2.   When you lost,it is good for you if you have your own compass.Make sure without any bubbles in it.(broken compass).But,unluckily you left your compass at the campsite.Then what you should do?okay,firstly,try to find any mossess or alga which is green in colour at the tree trunks.Try to observe which side have the thicker mossess or alga.That side will always show to the east.Why is it so?Okay,every living things in this world needs sunlight.So,try to get the logic by yourself!
  3.    The other way to get the way out is by finding the tract and the direction of river flow.As we know,every river will start by the hill and reaches the downstream.Commonly the downstream will located outside of the jungle.
  4.    How about during dark situation especially on night?It is not advisable for you to walk during the night because you will not familiar with the condition.So,what is the best place for you to sleep?If you wanna climb the tree and sleep,yes,you will die earlier!at least fall and crack your bones if you are lucky.So,the best way is try to find a large tree with a large root because eventually there will be a large hole between the root.So,it is safer for you to stay there as bear and tiger wont go inside that hole.
  5.    How about the food?okay,this is the best part.If you are good enough,then you can try to catch any animal (not insects)!including snakes.Here is the tips to eat the snakes.Firstly,of course you have to kill it.But how you are going to eat it?which part?okay,you can chop the part 3 inch from the head and 3 inch from the tail.If you dare to eat it freshly,just go on.If not you can cook it on the fire.
  6.    How about when you didnt found any animals at all?So,you have to be a vegetarian!you can eat the fruits and leaves.But make sure it is not poisonous.You can observe it if there is any animal eat the fruits,so you can eat it or you can try to slice the fruits and leaves and put it on your hand.If it is itchy,that is POISONOUS!.
  So,how is it guys?That is just a little.Survival is something that is subjective but it could be learn.Subhanallah,our praise to Allah,for his miracle in his creation...

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