Saturday, November 13, 2010

Debating Tips..

   Okay guys,now here is some tips for school debating format.Commonly,there are 2 types of debating styles in Malaysia and available for secondary schools which are Asian Parliamentary Debate and British Parliamentary Debate.The most common format used is Asian style.It needs 3 speaker for each side and there are 2 sides which called as Govenment and Opposition.While in British style we only need 2 speaker for a team and there are 4 teams per match where 2 teams as Gov and 2 teams as Oppo.But there is no discussion between the teams eventhough there are in the same side.Okay,that is more to the sequence of speaker in debate.Now,the other knowledge that we need to know in debate is the role of speaker.

Asian Style:
1st Speaker(gov)=Introduction about the motion,give 1 argument
1st Speaker(oppo)=Rebut the 1st speaker of gov and give your own 1 argument.
*For the 1st speaker,they are also known as peacekeeper.
2nd Speaker(gov)=Rebut the 1st Speaker of the oppo and give your own 2 arguments.
2nd Speaker(oppo)=Rebut the 1st speaker and 2nd speaker and give your own 2 arguments.
*For the 2nd speaker,you are also known as balancer
3rd speaker(gov)=You can add any new point to backup your side's point.Then you have to rebut all the ISSUES given out by the opponent.
3rd Speaker(Opp0)=You cannot bring any new point.You have to rebut all the ISSUES given out and SUM UP the case.

To be continued...

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