Tuesday, November 24, 2009


     Firstly,I juz want to say sorry for the late update of my blog.Its just that I dont know to write about what.haha.Okay,so,Here i just want to share my experience participating in solar car competition.

   At  29th and 30th of May,I participated in science and technology carnival,which been organised by our minister of educarion.The competition was been held at SMAP Kajang.There were three categories of competition which were Solar Car Competitions,Solar Cooker,and water rocket launching.So, I decide to take part in solar car competition.Just to try something new and who know maybe we can win this time.I was accompanied by my two other geniuses teammates,Ahmad Radi b. Abd Kadir(RADOO),and Muhd Alif b. Rosli(ALEPRO).W were given only 12 mini solar panels..and the rest of other materials we have to find it by ourselves.Actually,to build a mini car model is not as easy as we thought!Tc Maiselamah gave us some money to help us to find the material needed.So,on saturday,Alep asked permissionfrom his father to send us to KL.And luckily,his father is an expert in this electronic thingy.We were brought to the electronics bundles in KL.I dont know too much about the place but it was a very wonderful place!There are abundance of electronics shops there!After we had finished searching the materials,we went to Midvalley to find the model of mini car models.After that,we went to school because it was late already.

  On the next day,we started planning on how to build the car.We  just have to design it because we were only allowed to build it during the tournament day.The competition's days were divided into 2 part:

On the 1st day:build the car,we were given 3 hours to build and test the car.After that we had to race the car on the tracks                 provided.Alhamdulillah,We got no 2 in racing competition.Then,after rest about 1 hour,we went to the hall to start making the slide show for the presentation on the next day.We were given 3 hours to make it.At 5.. we were allowed to send our work and packs our stuff to go to school.

On the  2nd day:today,we have to do a presentation about the solar car that we had made yesterday.The competition was quite hard because we had to present it in English.and I have to be the speaker on that day. For the 1st tyme,I was quite nervous,because the majority of the competitors were form 5.And we were the only form 3's!For the first time in my life I heard about bernoulli's principle and i had to explain about it!Thank god!Pn Rohayati helped me to explain about that.She just told me the theory of Bernoulli's  Principle.Actually,Bernoulli's principle is a theory that explains a car would be lighter if the car became faster.It was caused by the aerodynamics force that push up the car upwards against the gravitational  force.So,when the car moving,the speed of the car will kept incresing because the burden of the car's tyre has decreased,and allows the engine to act on the car more efficiently.That's one of the theory that had been explained by us instead of the principles of air flows and the position of the solar panels towards the sunlight.

                        Our presentation video~~:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUs2r22n_y4

    As the presentation ended,we felt so relief ! Now, we just had to wait for the results.When the results announced,the first name was "NOW , THE 3RD PLACE OF SOLAR CAR COMPETITION 2009 WAS GIVEN TO SMKA MAAHAD HAMIDIAH!"iI was so shocked! Alhamdulillah,this is our essential step for the next victory.We will continue to win this competition next year!InsyaAllah~

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