Sunday, November 15, 2009



     Before i starts,I want to apologize to all my debate family~~
~Abg Fakhry
~Kak Wani
 Ãmira Nashuha

   Abg Fakry~

   My greatest teacher,sifu,mentor,idol,which is having a war at the side of this world.He is a complicated person.From what Kak wani said bout him, '"Íf u have a desire to know bout him,thats better u destroy it! It will make u crazy".For me,he will always be my idol,no matter what will happen.With his cutest smile in this world,I wonder..which girls in this world wont melt.HAHA.I know,now he is trying to run and deny himself from his own favorite hobby, DEBATE...He thinks that he want to face his problem by himself.ITS NOT TRUE!! We(debate family) are always here supporting u!!I know that we dont have any power or strength to help him in SPM,But we can always give him a kind of spirit that can make him achieve what he wants,InsyaAllah..May Allah Bless U!

    Kak Wani~

My hafazan mentor!She is a twin to abg fakhry(CONTROVERSY~)..haha.She is the leader of debate 2010.Actually,she is a very kind person.She had taught me a lot! About emotion,love,Islam  and so on.She is the new pillar of english debate after fakhry.I cant imagine what will happen if she doesnt want to take over the leadership from fakry.Maybe the english debate will fall and doesnt exist anymore.I cant see her emotional because it will affects me too! Maybe there are so many problems that come to the debate itself.She has a very high sense towards her debate family untill she is willing to sacrifice herself to lead us.Thanx Kak Wani! I will always pray for your success! InsyaAllah!


My best friends! I hope u can control your emotion when  reading this!haha...ermm..An emotional gurl.Sometimes cheerful,sometimes soo emotinal.It doesnt matter.As long as she is my bestfriends,which gives me the spirit to survive in maahad..Thanx for giving me some spirit word when im down..Thanx for helping me to settle Kak Wani's problem too.Someone that very commited in her works.And thanks one more time for calling me with my right name,ARIFUDDIN..haha.I will always pray for your happiness and dont ever forget that i will always supports you!


Firstly,I want to say sorry for my stupid action last friday! I didnt mean to scold you! its just that I cant control myself when I heard about your decreasing commitment in debate.Besides,It was said by Kak Wani in her pinnacle of mad!I am afraid that if Kak Wani will left us ..Im sorry,.I know it is my fault.I understand it if u angry with me.Its up to you.But I want you to know this..I wont forget our wonderful memories in UIA.Before u starts to change.For me,It was so obvious when u didnt come during the training.I just afraid that you will follow the way of Tasnim had done.We(ean n me) needs u!But it is your right to decide what you want actually.If it was fated we will separated next year,I will always pray for your success.May Allah bless you.InsyaAllah~


Kawan-kawan setia


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