Sunday, November 15, 2009


  Our life are always being tested by Allah.But i was really dont know,this last week of school was full with conflicts!!

Firstly,It was about my Jamuan Makan Malam Asrama.Actually, i was so sad with my friends attitude when they knew that they have to handle the event.For the first time in my life,I never thought that they are willing to take their revenge by refuse to handle the event!They said that they are not satisfied with the teachers! Maybe this was caused by their own attitude before this.They are trying to compare that is it affordable if they help their teacher by handling this event after all the sentences given by their teachers which was starts with themselves.They never think about their own fault!What in this world that they will to punish their own teacher! The 'darjat" of the teacher should not be put under their shoes!The dignity of a "mudarris" is unbeatable by the students!HUH!

As the solution, I come to see teacher Maiselamah and i told her about my will to handle that event.Ok,now one of the problem was settled!But,on the next day,while im walking around the school,suddenly i was spot with 'ábah'.,I tried to ask him about the dinner.The answer is so simple! "'What dinner???""

 I was so so shocked! I was still not give up,I tried to ask Pn Marzilah.She was so high in spirit.But i feel so weird.Why the headmaster didnt know anything?? Pn Marzilah asked me bout the event.She asked me to do the preparation.I felt so relieved.But,ater i had discuss with the gurls leaders,suddenly I heard that the headmaster didnt allow us to use the hall.This was such ridiculus thing.The reason is the hall will be used for SPM.As i know,the exam will only starts next week! Its just an excuse from him!

   On the next days,with the help from all generous teacher,finally,he agreed to organise the event.I was the happiest person when hearing that unbelievable news! I tried to persuade all my batchmate and asking them for some help.Alhamdulillah,they gave a positive respons to me.Actually,the preparation was made harshly because the time given for us was really not enough!But,with the cooperation from all my batchmate,all the preparation were complete in a short time.I can feel the spirit from them especially Raihan,Khadijah, Radi,Fansuri, n all my frnz.Besides,I can see the unity of our batch.Eventhough Abah is really disagree with the organisation of batch,but it is reality.Actually,all the form 3 are united just because they have the same experience,same learning process n same syllabus,thats why they are being united,just because they have the same way of thinking!

  Back to the story,after all the preparation for the event were complete,we just wait the event to start.Unfortunately,all the thing we planned were ruined! I cant imagine how shame i felt now! Actually,we juz plan it,but if Allah didnt allow it,we are helpless.I think,this is all my fault! TO ALL THE FORM 3's..IM SORRY!!



  1. u shouldnt blame urself..really..
    maybe Allah want to show u sthng..

  2. yup.
    i knew it..
    but it was strt from my own fault..

    but dont worry..
    im ok now~~

  3. hey-yoo..haha. lilek la aloy..
    its doesn't matter if everything you planned ruined. the matter is that you try your best to make it work. bende dah lepas pon kan. even now, ak tgok diorg sume ok jer. u get the benefit kan? korg united. before niyh, sume mcm think that we are the worst batch somethng like that. skarang? haha. ak yg tgok korg semangat ngan jamuan batch ni pon tersemngt skali. it's great to actually see that batch F3 united =)


    saffa [peace!]


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