Friday, November 13, 2009



At 24th until 29th of April,for the first tyme in my life, i participated in IIUM Interschool Debating Championship that was held in UIA.I went there by bus.My school sent two teams for english category which is Maahad Hamidiah A and Maahad Hamidiah B.I was participating in Maahad Hamidiah B.

Actually,i just came as an analyzer.My teammates are Amira Nashuha,Raihan Afiqah,and Tasnim Fatimah including me.Actually, I dont expect that im going to talk at UIA.The thing happens when Tasnim got sick at the night before we go to IIUM.I still wanted her to go because I cant imagine if I have to replace her place as a 3rd speaker.I just pray that she will be fine there.

I cant imagine the feelings at the entrance of IIUM.Its such an unexpextable thing for me to happen.And because of 1 thing, I never thought that i will be a debater,especially the english debater.I want to be a debater,but it is not as easy as i think.There are so many challenge that I have to pass through.No matter what,actually,it is not easy for me to speak fluently as fakry.but,with the spirit and power that i gaining now,with my own effort and will to be success,I will prove to them that i CAN SPEAK too!

24th of April 2009

   I  woke up earlier this morning.After I packed my stuffs,solat Subuh and had some breakfast.I put my bag at the assembly.All the debaters were gathering together before we go together.While waiting,we took the advantage to have some picture together. 


  As we arrived there,we were welcomed by the big smile of the judges.After checked in,we were shown to our 'mahallah''.We were staying in mahallah √Āminah".It was such a great experience being in a such beautiful n big hostel as we got now.I can feel the feelin being an University students.

 As we entered the room,i had choose to stay in the same room with Abg fakry.while jijul had to stay in his room alone.HA HA HA .Because of tiredness been in a long journey,we took a nap till 12.00PM.As we woke up,we got ready for solat jumaat.We were performing Solat Jumaat at the IIUM Mosque.The mosque was very big and wonderful!While hearin the Khutbah,suddenly i saw ust zainaphi n her(his) gang were performing solat Jumaat here too.

  After Solat Jumaat, we were sent back to our hostel.Actually,jijul n me were so hungry on that tyme.but we dont have even a cent!So, we called Tc Mai and we were given RM10.Thanks to Tc Mai!After we had some food,we took a nap in our room.

 At 7.30P.M. we just got ready for the grand dinner which was held at the main auditorium.The hall was as big as our eyes can go.It was unforgetable memories! 

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