Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My sis got 5A's!!!!!!!


 My sister got 5A!! Alhamdulillah! Conrats to my sis~~Actually,I just follow my mum to see my sister's result.Her school is actually as same as my primary school.So,while waiting,i went to the teacher's room and meet with all my lovely teacher when i was in standard 6.They still can recognise me.haha,Who will not recognise me,the head prefect of that school,the best student,and the 'tokoh murid' when i was in standard 6.This school had made a very nice memory and hardly to be forget.Thanx to Mrs. Tay for teach me in english subject.~

  Ok,back to the story,when i arrived at that school.All the teacher had waiting for the result to be announced.All the teacher gave a big smile to me(I think they knew the result).All the student is waiting with a nervous sight.Before the announcement,the headmaster gave some speech to calm down the candidates.According to her speech,the result for the UPSR candidates this year,the one who got 5A are 33 students only.It was such a nervous because there are abundance of candidates whom got 4A's only.The science subject was quite tough!(same with PMR!HAHA)..

  As the name of candidates whom got 5A's are being announced,My mum is going crazy!!when the name of the candidates are reaching 30,I was give up.I dont want to give a high hope for my sis! but suddenly,we heard,''THE LAST 5A's CANDIDATE IS AIMI LIYANA BT. AHMAD ADAM!!! I jumped with a joy! My mum hug my sis with a drop of cry! My sis say thank you to my mum.HAHA.Actually,I want to cry too.But i juz keep in my heart.Congrats again to my sis!I will try to apply her into maahad.HUHU~~


  1. ckp congrates kat adeq kaw ntuk aq!

  2. huh, taniahlaa ye adik cik tokoh murid.

  3. wooho..begar owh..
    huish huish. nk dpt result la yg pling cuak skali. congrates2.. omedeto!

  4. congrats2! msuk maahd leh buli! ahahaha

  5. hahaha!
    aq takot ko yg kne buli blek!

    dak ni kalo mngganas,aq pon kalah!

  6. aloy, ko jgn risau..
    aq akn tlg si manal buli adeq ko
    aq la pengawas aka pengganas..

  7. siot!
    x pe2!
    aq join adek aq nnty!


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