Friday, November 13, 2009

My LiFe


Actually,i dont know what's so special with this name.but,as i know,i want to be the greatest man in this world after our prophet Muhammad Rasulullah and his 'sahabat'.this life is actually not so hard as we think and not too easy as we think too.i want to be the best among the best.

since before i was born,my lovely parents had prayed for me to be a ''hafizulquranulkarim''.so,as i was born,i was given this name which means someone who has a well knowledge and understanding about Islam.thanks to my mum n dad!.before this,my childhood phase was full with problem! i was so naughty ! i still remember how i had made my mum cried! that is the last stupid thing that i will do.Alhamdulillah,since my first sight into this world,i was given an islamic environment by my unbeatable parents! islam is changing me a lot as im growing.

At my primary school, i was so active in co-curicular activities like volley ball,hafazan,marhaban n so on.but when i entered maahad hamidiah,the chance for me to get involved in such thing was absolutely impossible! the competition among the student in school was actually hard. i hav to be the best among the best. the experience being a form 1 is actually crap, but its nice! i dont have any words to describe it, but it was so nice,.the experience being tortured was a nightmare.eventhough the way i hav been tortured was not as bad as my friends got.


Kawan-kawan setia


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