Monday, November 16, 2009

DEbate huh??

My Spirit


              Yes!debate is my life! I have found a thing that is very special for me! I dont know,maybe it was fated that I will enter debate this year.And i felt so grateful! Firstly,I like this debate because It helps me a lot to expand my mind.To get the latest information.About the world.And I can think logically,rationally,about what is actually happening around me.I can learn about spirit too! It is an abstract word.For me,It was consist of building confidence,getting rid  the shame feeling while talking in public.Actually,it was the hardest thing to get it.But through debate,with the help of my debate family,Abg Fakry and Kak Wani,the thing is being easier for me.I know that it is hard to motivate someone to gain his confidence.

           Jijul,my super friends! He is very good in debate! Instead of participating in english debate,he is very good in malay debate.I dont know how he can be very good in conquering two languanges in his brain! Eventhough he always having problem missing the debate practice when raining.Because,he will asleep until miss the training! haha..

   I was so lucky having a super duper friend such as raihan.Although she is being soo emotional sometimes.She still can control herself.She is very good in fluency when speaking,but somehow,when her emotional diseases come back,huhu....cant be interframe here! Anyway,she is the only hope for the form 3's english debater,after jijul.I know that it is impossible for me to compete her! But I will try my best to help her to be the best.And her useful tip! just put your face at the pillow,and shout as loud as u want! Nobody will hear you.Its work! Haha.But surely,U will be sent to the mental hospital in a month!So my friends,strngthen you Emotional Quation,be a better person,dont ever give up,you are THE BEST!


  1. haha!
    mmm..ko ckp mcm ko nk kuar debate ni jer..
    ye ke?

  2. x lah..
    tp sape tau an...
    mati itu antara pejam dan celik..


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