Tuesday, December 18, 2012


   Alhamdulillah. Another great day. I just got my chance to see 2 surgeries today which is removal of gall bladder (laparoscopic gall bladder) by using an optic fibre and removal of woman breast lump.

For the laparoscopic you can watch the video below :

Well, the surgery was not scary at all :) Watch it live was the best experience ever. The doctors showed us some of parts in the body like small and large intestine, liver, stomach, and heart. It was REAL you know! I was kinda shocked at the first 5 minutes but then I can just adapt to it easily. These surgeries really intrigue my passion to become a doctor and also a specialist :)

Alhamdulillah.. Surgeries tadi start pukul 2 petang dan habis pukul 5. Memang berturut-turut doktor tu bagi tengok and siap bagi pegang breast lump sebelum start surgery lagi =.= since im the only guy, malas nak pegang sekali. haha.

So moving forward to my planning to become a doctor and a specialist.Maybe neurologist or orthopedic.  Actually aku ingat nak apply for pakar terus kat UK nanti. Doktor kat sini suggest macam tu. Sebab katanya, by the time korang grad nanti, dah belambak graduan dari medical school. Dan kemungkinan kerja akan makin mudah tapi anda akan susah untuk rasa life dan specialty of becoming a doctor. Dan kat Malaysia, kami kena buat housemanship around 2 years dan tempoh wajib berkhidmat kerajaan 3 tahun. Lepas tu baru free untuk buat specialist. Memang lambat dan makan masa. Kalau kat UK, doc kata lebih senang nak pursue for specialist level sbb lepas housemanship kat sana dah boleh start buat specialist. Dan kata doktor lagi, tak perlu risau pasal  orang cakap "Kalau tak buat housemanship kat malaysia nanti u tak boleh masuk kerja kat malaysia" sebab once u dah jadi specialist, tak perlu buat housemanship dah.

Jadi the plan is 5 years degree MBBS then go to Housemanship approximately 2 years then 3/4 years for specialists. By the time I come to Malaysia, I ll be at age 30. Wow. Bila nak kahwin? hahaha.

Then I wanna go to any pondok and start memorizing the holy quran. Allah. Cita-cita ini moga dapat dicapai :')

Working for Malaysia maybe around 5/6 years then I ll move to palestine. I wanna stay there. Help our relatives there :'( Dan Allahurabbi, kalau dapat peluang syahid kat sana, masya Allah itulah cita-citaku !

Orang kata "Mudah untuk berkata - kata tetapi nak buat super duper susah"

Tapi I believe. Niat will be the peranan here. So guys, lets tajdid niat :)

P/s : Oh btw, doctor said just now, their salary is RM 100K per month. So tak perlu fikir pasal duit dah. Dan becoming a doctor is not about money, its about passion :)

Goodnight and salam :)


  1. Allahu. what a plan . your post is just soo motivating me to become a doctor . insyaAllah !


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