Friday, March 12, 2010


           2 weeks full of happiness and cry.For the 1st week,juz waiting for the 2nd intake students to register,as I saw Irfan,Pdot and Izzat, with the nervous faces,at the COE,haha! Im really sorry because I cant concentrate on them and teach them about the daily life in KISAS.A very busy day~But it seems that they can adapt themselve with the new environment,It is a good essential for them.

         Entering this weeks,with exam in mind,burdened by the sports,Kejohanan Olahraga MSSD Klang,
I have to resit for my exam on the next day.So,in 1 day, I need to balst my brain with 8 subjects in mind! Seriously 11 subjects in a particular day,makes me in migrain!

       But as I finished my exams,with Allah's permission,I was offered to go to JAPAN! I was shocked! Ha???Japan?What?Why?How? and a lot of stupid question popped out from my mind! On the next day,I was interviewed by the teachers.1stly they want to check for the fluency in speaking in english.As a debater,Im not that fluent,but Im trying as hard as possible to be fluent,reducing áaaa' words in my speech and it seems like not working enough.

      Today,in the early morning,after the assembly,I tried to search for the teachers.Wanna know the result! Very exciting! Waiting is a painful moment.Alhamdulillah,Finally I was chosen.If Allah wants something to be ours,It'll be ours,no matter what.But what about it is not fated to be ours?What will happen?It'll not be ours.And Im preparig myself to receive the facts that maybe i will not get the offer,But what we can do is strengthening our IMAN and have faith in Allah! InsyaAllah~

     Juz pray for me that I will receive the offer~Amiin~


  1. hah?asal gi japan? buat ape? untuk ape? besnyer! ak nk gi gak..huuhuuu.. untung la ko, rezekii..

  2. buat apa g jepun? bape lama? niyh yg aku jeles niyh!

  3. nye...
    nk ikot!!!~hahhah~


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