Friday, February 26, 2010

sorry tc Azlin~

                  Last Thursday,I took part in KISAS MTQ in Syarahan Agama Bahasa Inggeris.This is my first time taking part in this competition.Besides that,I took part in Tilawah Al-Quran which will be held on this monday.Actually,Im home now because I got the fever and caught the flu.I take this chance to repair my mistake  
towards teacher~

                The story was started like this.As I entered the smart lab,suddenly I saw 3 teachers which I can assume them as the judges for this competition.Suddenly I heard one of the teachers shout at me "This is the boy!" I was shocked! What's all this?

               After that I knew that it is just about my blog.She read my posts before this about debate concept in KISAS.Im really sorry,its not my intentions to insult KISAS debate team but I just making some comparison based on what I heard before this.So,Its just a vision.before I stepped in KISAS,I just think about debate there.

             So,maybe there is some misunderstand here.Im very sorry teacher if I made you angry,I just wonder how you can found my blog~huhu~its just a shock~Anyway~Sorry Very Much!

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  1. What in the world did u wrote that made that teacher angry? considering the fact that debate in Maahad is almost annihilated.


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