Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Let the time determine it ~

      My last nite was full of shock and emotion feeling.Why I must feel like that?huh...dunnoe~when I feel sad,I ll go in front of the mirror and smile as long as possible.Maybe this is crazy,but this is the only way for me to trigger a positive mind.

     To me,this is a heavy burden to be carry.All of this while,just playing around without knowing the effect later.Im making my own heart feel more pain when i wrote this.This is a test for me.2 years is not a short period.Anything may happen.Maybe Allah want to test my consistency in doing something.

     Waiting is the most painful moment.If only I can get the time machine and travel to the end of this 2 years,that will be the craziest thing ever.What is the objective im writing this?To express my feeling which looks like in very unstable condition.Argh! Why did I agree for that stupid agreement last nite??Is it will be worthy if I could follow the conditions?No body can ensure this thing.Just a blank agreement.Now Im trying to collect all my strengths and just believe to Allah's promise."U ll never get a task Unless U are capable enough to get through of it"

   May Allah Bless Us~2 years~Ameen~


  1. What kind of contract Arif???
    Did u singed a contract concerning your life or your allouncees? some insurances?

  2. any idea what kind of contract is so deadly as that? has it any concern to KISAS?
    anyway, y dont u sit n think of "how to get over it ie solve it", rather than think of "how u end up getting it"?
    if u need assistance, its always ok to ask from those u trust.

  3. wht contract??
    if there is some way i can help, tell me.
    its okay to ask for help if its burdening u tht much~

  4. owh ~
    sorry guys~
    its just tat I promised to myself on that nite,
    and suddenly something happened,
    Im sorry for making worries,
    but its okay now~
    just pray for my happiness~

  5. wat agreement is that????
    May Allah help u to manage with da test He gave....


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