Monday, March 15, 2010

My new Ambition~!

        Since I was child,I was amazed by the greatness of our sky,our star,our sun and moon.With the light of nightsky from the stars and moon.Once I was thinking suddenly 1 question popped out from my mind.How can be this sky,the earth,and all of the things in this world can exist?How they can move in a smooth flow,arranged life,but there must be something in this world that have the power to create and control all of this thing.

      Because of this thought,I was attracted to study more deeply about our night sky,the stars and moon,As Allah sayid in the Koran,There are 11 planets in this solar system,surrounding the sun,but the only planets that we found today are 9 only.That's before we decide Pluto is not a planet.So,Is that a challenge for Us?As one of the most good creature,we must take tis challenge.Allah's knowledge is too wide.

    I had set up my ambition to be an islamic astronomist.Al-Falak is a course which combines astronomy and islamic's vision about the sky.Its a big challenge for me as the discoveries about the planets are not that much.Only Allah knew what is the mysteries behind the sky~

   But,All of this thing dissappear as I learn Biology in KISAS,with the most great teacher,Teacher Marina! She had attracted me to learn more about biology!Seriously,because of that,I decided to change my ambition.I would like to be a doctor.A specialist an experts in nerves and brains.If im not mistaken,that is the hardest part in medication course.

    InsyaAllah,with all the efforts,I ll achieve it!Nothing is impossible for me if I willing to get through all of the obstacles.Unless it was fated for me.I love biology so much!huhu~



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  1. LOL u wanna change ambitions???
    Terasa tau tak when u said u wanna be nerve and brain doctor, it's caller a neurologist, it's a really great ambition but make sure you stay focus on it and the subjects required for it, there wont be any turning back when u reach f5. gud luck little bro!!!


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