Thursday, March 18, 2010

A day in MIdvalley~

           I went to mid valley for the batch reunion yesterday.JUst meet with my friends~ All of them had changed.Yes,I can see they are changing.Especially they which were going out from maahad.We exchange a lot of story.Some of them are funny and some of them are sad.But that is a normal life of a person.Full of cheers and tears.I dont know how happy I am when I saw them yesterday.Its like I just got a new breath.But it seems like they had just forgot me.Only some of them looks like still remember me,while the other still looking for something which was undefinable.Its okay....I know who I am~

          As I entered the cosmic bowl,the air of enjoys and cheers surrounding me.All of my friends were playing bowling happily.They are very delightful.I just stay at the seat watching them playing.Suddenly,Irfan offered me to play his turn.It was my 1st time when holding the bowling ball.This is the only sports that I have never play.Its because I dont like hanging out like this.Just wasting my money and time.BUt for my friends.I tried to come.

         Eventhough my tries was only full with the ball in the drain,but I can feel the enjoyment playing with my friends.Winning is not the matter.The most important thing is that the excitement,satisfaction.After that,we went out for lunch.But this is the part where I hate most!Can u imagine,we had to walk around the mall how many times to find a suitable place for Us to eat together.But that is an impossible thing.With all the crowded people in that mall,Unless,we want to sit together on the floor.A brilliant idea by a smart person!

          With a tired leg,finally we separate and find our own place to eat.Alhamdulillah,with a fulled belly,we went for the musolla to perform our Zuhur prayers.After that we went for a walk around the mall.Just looking around the shop with hopeless mind.Never thinking about buying something here with the 220% price of a normal stuffs!Owh,a bottle of drinking water is RM2.20!Its a mind boggling amount of money!

          After the Asar prayers,we started to go home.After wishing the goodbyes to all of them,we moved out from the mall to the KTM.Around 7.40,we arrived in Klang.After Maghrib prayers,again,we full our belly,and waited for the bus.After tired waiting for the bus for 2 hours,finally we decided to go home by taxi.Its look like I have to pay more as my friends pocket was dried!Finally,around 10.00p.m.we arrived at home!

Acai,me,n syahmi

We r kisasians

Afiq n me
(Alice in Wonderland)

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  1. thanx god, aq x gi..
    cam bosan jer..bek duk umah,..then
    mkn smbil nonton tv.. huhu


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