Monday, June 2, 2014

Sujud terakhir di KMB

     Having a normal life back is not an option. Life goes on even without us trying to move it forward or backward. Here I am, entitled as IB survivor, still breathing the same air. Its just that the environment is no longer the same.

Im still remember my first day in KMB. I was so excited. Everything seemed nice. Everything went smooth during registration day.
These are people with innocent faces that still do not know what exactly IB is

Time goes by. After a while, my 1st sem in KMB was quite great. by having great people near me really inspired me to go beyond my effort. Great seniors, great classmates and great teachers. Those factors really made up my days in KMB. 

These M12G-ians (excluded the red one in the middle, she was our biology teacher)

Laughter and pain after 2 years get along in the class. Not an easy task to forget those memories.

Not to forget, here in KMB, I'd tried to talk to myself about improving myself and I found out the only way to do it is by joining the Student Council. Lol.

Alhamdulillah, with great votes from KMBians, I was elected as the Vice President 1. Not much things to do, but just to manage some islamic stuffs here in KMB (how i wish I can say this)

Actually my character in KMB really changed from someone who doesnt even care about his surroundings to someone who are willing to sacrifice anything for his friends (Why my post sounds so berlagak T_T)

But the reality is, my 1st and 2nd semester in KMB was quite productive. Who expect that Arifuddin who was so quiet in school can be so outloud here in KMB. But I guess its a normal thing for me as Im a totally outloud-type-of-person.

These fellows, they are so crazy, so outloud and so happening, but yet a very good example of leadership here in KMB. Gonna miss you all :'(

After a while, at the end of sem 2, IB started to show its real face. Extended Essay, TOK essay, written assignments, math explorations, CAS project, and any Internal Assesment's assignments that will blow your mind if you are still bonded with procrastination. 

Here, let the picture speaks again:

One of my experiment made for my Biology Extended Essay at UITM Shah Alam
(Had to sacrifice my sem 3 holiday. Sobs)

Maths Exploration

CAS, Class based project at zoo negara.

My sem 3 was full and loaded with activities such as organizing events and were full of sadness and laughter.

I guess, this is my biggest turning point. Never know this talent of mine. Seriously dude, I never use my voices for nasheed or whatsoever. But Alhamdulillah, with the chance given, I managed to enhance my artistic level of my brain by joining nasheed team. Its kinda awkward to share about this, but I guess this is my greatest benefit I learnt in KMB. 

To talk about programmes in KMB, it is non-countable. Too much till you can change someone who is always in love joining programs into hating it so much. But don't worry. Everything is manageable if you can use the time wisely.

Sem 4

This is the most hectic semester after all. It was always a dream of mine to be a balanced student and not only to focus much on academics. Yeah, that is what IB all about. But seriously, I was overwhelmed by that 'balanced' terms and everything was quite hard for me. I was quite active during my first 3 sems in KMB and its kinda hard for me to catch up with the last semester. The final exam is the most important exam regardless how many points do you got during the semester exams. Believe me, It is normal to study last minute in KMB as you are forced to and not by your own option to study on the last minutes. Being hectic for the whole sems with programs and assignments and when you wake up, you have only a week to study for the semester exams. Here, you might use some tips from this post. But after all, last minute study is something you can avoid by proper planning. 

IB exam. It is the most feared exam for IB students. But it does not means that the questions are too much hardcore as you can see your brain exploding when answering it. What Im saying here, IB exams are easier relatively if to be compared with A levels students. The exam period for IB exam is just only for 3 weeks but for A levels, they have to go through about 2 months. Because IB students have been suffering for the whole 2 years, i guess it is fair for them to have an easier exam. But still, the grades and questions are still tough. 

Because Allah had put me here, I believe I would find the hikmah soon. 

My 4th sem was full of sadness and soberness due to unstable emotions. Yeah, IB really torn you down and make your heart to rip off and shattered to pieces. Thats why I ll salute those IB survivors as they managed to stay alive after IB. After all, what doesn't kill you make you stronger right?

And the most special things about KMB is, it has awesome usrah :D Not gonna explain more about this, you ll find it in KMB soon. 

So, on the last night in KMB, having my last prayers and sujud there really make my tears fall down heavily. Im gonna miss all these. Im gonna miss this surau. Im gonna miss everything :'(

Selamat tinggal KMB :'(

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  1. asal..mukhlisss..nampak kurus first day kt kmb


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