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How to score in IB semester exams

   Salam and greetings.

Basically, the reasons while Im updating my blog now are first, because a third quarter of IB has already been done, (Semester exam has ended. Yeay!) and secondly, since the exam has ended, I just don't have anything to do and I need to do something to keep up with the examination momentum so that I don't have to start from the scratch for the next exam. But then, the next exam will be the IB final exam :O

No more playing time, dude!

Oh yeah I forgot, since now Im having juniors, as a caring senior (really?) Im just having this responsible feeling to share every single knowledge I got since the first day im here. And my experience might differ from other seniors and might not fit into several parties since im a medical-to-be student, so my perception will be much on the view of nerd side of me.

  Talking about semester exam, I believe that some of us did worked really hard to score them. And to excel in revisions, you need resources. Knowing is a half winning of a battle. And resources will bring a continous support if the supply is adequate enough. In this case, its about study skills.

Put up your study plan

Some people prefer to do last minute study and preparations. But as for me, I can't fully wait for the last minute moment as sometimes, you ll just lose the spirit as there are LOTS of things to be covered but yet you haven't start a thing. So to avoid this, make sure you had planned your topics to be studied A MONTH earlier in case if something comes up later right before the exam, you can still have replacement time for study. Well, in my case, up to the last week before exam started, I still got Malay IOC test for IB. And I even got measles 2 weeks before exam. So I can't study well for the whole week. Painful test given by The Creator but I believe Allah had planned something better for me :D
How to make up the details of your study plan? ITS UP TO YOU. But you can just simply start with opening microsoft excel and lists out topics to be covered.

Ask Seniors

This is the crucial part. As far as in my observations, most juniors that excelled on their topic test are mainly because they are close to the seniors. I won't ask you to be close with every senior in this college, but Im suggesting that everyone should at least ask seniors on what actually being tested during the topic test. Yeah I know the seniors are busy but you can still ask anyway. ASK FOR THEIR TEST PAPER especially for semester exams because the questions won't deviate much from year to year. And most of them said 80% of the question being asked were similar to the past questions. I believe if someone to excel more, he needs to overcome the barrier and start making relationships with the seniors. By saying this, I guess there ll be no more juniors who only close with the seniors just only to ask for their exam paper. Sometimes I just feel its kinda annoying. lol.

How to spot the questions

Like I said before, most of the past questions will be used over and over again because most department will not make new questions just for internal exams. They ll just take randomly from the questions. And talking about resources that we could use especially in KMB:

1) IB Questionbanks. Especially for science subjects. Please note that there are 2 versions of question banks. 2nd edition and also 3rd edition. This is because the software developer will keep updating the questions in the database. You can ask the copies from seniors. 

2) Go to the Library/ LRC and get the files of collection of past years papers.  Somehow I just know this trick right after exam has ended. Sadly sad because I didn't know about this in the first place. Lets just say all senior's exam papers has been taken by our friends, dont feel sad. You can still get full access to the questions and print them. Try to re-do the questions. Believe me, when the questions appear exactly during  exam, you will be the most happy guy in the world. And somehow it boosts up your confidence level through out the exam. 

Resources for study and revisions.

Just to acknowledge my readers, I NEVER buy any reference books in IB because you ll never know which reference books are the best for respective subjects. Plus, the reference books are made by foreigners in which the language used is a bit vague and not much compatible with us.

1) Teacher's notes.  This is the best reference ever. Make sure you buy a long hardcover books for every subjects especially science subjects. You can also use files to compile every single notes given by teachers. But I prefer books as it is lighter to be carried around. NEVER lose the notes given or if u missed the notes, copy it from your friends.

2) E-books. This is my favourite type of revisions and reference. You can simply reduce your energy from carrying around a bunch of books because at the same time you can just read everything from your laptop. Or even iPad and smartphones. Oh. And just to share with you some of E-books in which you can have just for free. I compiled it from many resources and basically these are the softcopies of certain books which is too expensive for the original one.
  i) IB Books - Bio (IBID), Chemistry (IBID & Cambridge), English IRP notes, Maths book, TOK reference.
  ii) IRP Notes - Biology and Chemistry IRP notes.

Basically the most shortcut way to understand the topics is by using the IRP notes. Well, it depends ;)
Oh yeah one more thing, why I wont buy any IB reference books? Because I rarely use it. And you ll get all these books for FREE at the end of sem 2. Why? Because the seniors block will be full of unwanted books which most of them are original books $_$. Thats why I said, start making bonds with seniors and you can get other benefits such as this one. Lol.

After all, im not an honor roll student. But I believe I shall share this just to inform the juniors so that you guys won't repeat my own mistakes. Use these resources. NEVER procrastinate. Finish your assignments on time. Prioritize your works. And keep the right intention why you are here in KMB. To get Allah's blessings. Lets be a muslim and a professional whom knows how to balance world and hereafter. Anything just ask anyway.

With that. Thanks.

P/s: Ignore my grammar. Im bad in grammar. Lewls


  1. Woah! Thank you very much for the useful tips! i hope i will be selected by Mara by the grace if God :)

  2. Tq so much for your tips...jazakumullahukhairankathira


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