Saturday, March 12, 2011

After 5 weeks!

      Hey guys~
   So after a long period of time which i think thats about 5 weeks I havent update my blog for 5 weeks~ well,hostel life-no TV,internet,handphones and so on.A lots of things happened along that time.

   So,the weeks were full of exams,debate,sports such hockey,"olahraga" and badminton.A lot of things had happened as same as the knowledge I achieved.Im not that type of student that only sitting in the class and just listen to the lecture.Im different.Yeah,im supporting the jack of all trait here.Being good in everything is a good thing,So,whenever there is a chance for me to involve in something,i will go towards it.

  So oncoming events are debate and badminton in when talking about debate,I just took part in Kolej Damansara Debate,which the level is the same as IIUM debating championship and varsity debate.4 Rounds today really make my brain exhausted.2 wins and 2 losts.The result for silent round will be announced tomorrow.Hope we can make it.

    I found a lot of people during competitions.No matter what kind of competition is that.But the idea is the experience that we got through tournaments are very valuable.We can see how good we are.We can see what is the standard indicator for Us in each tournament.

   So,I have already feel sleepy.Seems like I have to get early tomorrow.The matchups will be start at 8.30 .So,its better for me to get into my bed.tata!

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