Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Facts about girls.

         Hey guys,hows your day?Mine is just fine..

   Recently,I  ve started to do some research on the nature about girls,boys and LOVE.And honestly,most of them are from my own experience.Thus,if the facts that stated here are not correct or partially correct,Im sorry.I had asked a lot of opinions from my friends in all aspects and here is the conclusion.

  • Bestfriend but no FRIENDS.In hostel especially,I know that most of girls WONT be friend with all girls in the hostel.frankly,this is the truth.They are more preferring to live with their bestfriends than be friend as  a community.I dont know what is the real reason,but this is observable.Example,in my school,whenever there is my male friends wanna ask some help from the girls ie. their classmate to give a message about something,and he will say "do u know Hanna?",then the girl will say "No,maybe shes from another class or block until to the extend it can be a reason for these girls for not to know the other girls.Sometimes,there are kind of girls that does'nt care about the community themself.Unlikely BOYS,we are free to be friend with anybody we want.And we do care among ourselves. :)

  • EVERYBODY wants to TALK.If you realise,when there is a group of girls,you will see that in one group,there ll be a lot of people talking to each other means that they did'nt focus to others talking.But,unlikely boys,we LOVE hearing to problems.Thats why in a group,there ll be a person will be talking.We do respect each others.

  • Wants to be LISTENED,but hate to been ADVICED.Okay,this is so obvious,when a girl is having a problem,some of them love to find someone to blurt out everything they feel.BUT,these girls hate a listener who doenst know to be a good listener which is try to solve their problems after listening.The fact is, NO! They refuse to been adviced by solution or no matter how good is the solution. 

      Actually, I have a lot of things to be said here.I ll continue later,but one thing about girl:


  1. haha...are we dat complex???waiting for the second edition of this.....

  2. errk..aloy..tetibe aq rase mcm bersetuju plak ngn facts yg ko tulis nih..btw..,thanx sbb wat an aq tersedar..huhu
    *n terase gak..hehe

  3. maybe girls r like that. coz they're not complete. that is where boys could help. we are both completing one another rite?


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