Friday, September 17, 2010

                Tonight=18th of September 2010,1:51 AM....
       I went off to "Warung Ejal" which is famous for its marvellous hamburger and sweet "Nasi Lemak" with my friends,Botak(Rafiq),Adie,and my uncle Salam.As usual,my favourite menu is Nasi lemak and "Neslo"(Eat a lot of food tonight).We disscussed a lot of thing as we didnt have the chance to meet up since last month.Yes,I really miss them.We get into a looong conversation.We discussed about a lot of things such as Sosilawati issue,until politics issue (I dont feel like teenagers anymore).Lastly,we got stucked at the side of the road where we talked again until 1.30 AM.Thats how I socialize with my friends.

       Social?Im sorry guys.Im not the one that likes to hanging out in shopping mall or "beraya" to other people's house.I feel annoyed when everytime I saw small children that come to my house which I didnt recognize them at all!But,they are guests,so I have to treat and serve them as best as possible.Since,Im the only man in this house when my father is not around,So I have to serve all the little boys and ask a lot of questions until i get into speechless condition.So,whenever my friends start to ask me to go out and 'beraya' together,I dont feel like going to that event.Im sorry,this is me.

        So,I hope that,everyone could forgive me for every single mistake that I have ever done.Im not a good friend.Not a good brother and not a good citizen.Im very DOWN but I dont feel like expressing it out.Just let it be.Only time will decide it.Thanx for tonight.

          With love~Arifuddin

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