Friday, September 3, 2010

My story of Ramadhan~


The 3 weeks fasting in hostel this year is different if compared to the past years.Madrasah Tarbiyah of Ramadan will go away soon.There is only 1 question inside my mind.Am I able to keep Istiqamah with everything that I made during Ramadan?

        So,3 weeks of fasting doesnt feel that long as the buzziness of life in college are increasing day by day.When I look back through the schedule that I followed before this,now only I know how packed it is.But,it is worthy.A lot of input that I gained are changing my perception of life.

       When it comes to the study level,yeah,I admit it,There are a lot of thing that I didnt covered yet.The coming final exam is just at the corner.I felt overburdened until to the extend I studied along the night everyday.Alhamdulillah,with the power of Allah Almighty,there no god to be worshipped except Him,I get the strength to overcome every single obstacle that are coming.

       I bring back home a box full of books whish I think are  important during my revision later.A lot of topics had to be revised .InsyaAllah I ll go back to kampung this wednesday.For the time being,I have to teach my lil sister as she will take the PMR examination for this year.Added with the desire to go online 24-hour.Thats my duty during this holiday.

       So,just some tips to my reader.I took this quote from a penceramah that came to my school for Majlis Ihya' Ramadan,he said that,before you wanna do anything,please do take care of your faith first.That is the most important thing.Secondly,your knowledge about what are you believing of.And lastly,your work that prove your belief towards it.I know,maybe this is a very common thing to be said.But if u look through it thoroughly,you will feel the changes.

      This is a simple reaction.there will be 2 things that might happen during our dailylife:
    1)The hardship : 
An inevitable thing that will come to you.It is a test for you.
  Reaction: Be patient+try to learn from the mistake
    2)The easyness : 
This is what people always looking for.BUT,this is the most dangerous thing.It is also a   
test from Allah but you didnt feel anything about it.You ll not aware of it.(ISTIDRAJ)
    eaction: Always being grateful of what u have+never forget that everything is HIS.

         So,Till here,do take care of your Iman.

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