Sunday, September 12, 2010


           What should I do?I dont have any mood for study.I cant sleep well..Oh yeah,I forgot,today is the 4th day  of Raya.What have I done for this holiday?When I think back,theres a lot of time for me to study,but I cant study because of maybe the environment at the hometown affects my mind.My hometown in Pahang is so small as it is renovated but,unluckily,it didnt finish right after raya.So,whenever anybody comes to my hometown,they'll  stay outside as the number of family coming is more than the size of the house.And also my relatives will look awkward whenever I open my books.I dont wanna show off,but I need to open the book.I want to study but it is full of mosquitoes here.hehe.Im alergic with it,I mean,not that alergic,but sometimes I feel nasty and filthy with it.O mosuitoe!Go away! I dont need you!

           With thousand of excuses, Arif~

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