Friday, June 4, 2010


Places I visited...

1)Edo-Tokyo Museum
      The Edo-Tokyo Museum is a spacious museum which shows the history and culture of Tokyo from the 16th century to the present day.In its permanent exhibition areas,original articles well as replicas,and a large scale models are displayed.Besides permanent  exhibitions,the museum regularly holds special exhibitions and lectures.It also accommodates an audio-visual hall,an audio visual library ,an ordinary library and other facilities.These serve visitors with additional learning opportunities of lives in Tokyo.

2)Seiryo High School
        This school was bulid in October 1948.It has 596 amounts of students.This school is famous with rugby,dancing,and academics.During our visit to this school,we were given origami class,calligraphy writing class,and the most impressive activity is the Japanese tea ceremony.

3)Ninja Village
        During my time to the host family house,I went to the ninja village which is located at Gifu prefecture.The journey is about two hours.This place is really interesting because of I was given the ninja’s attire to wear.After that,there are 5 obstacles that I have to pass such as wall climbing,water confidence and so on.If we pass all the obstacles,we will be given the ninja license.

4)Shippo-Yaki cloisonné (Enamel Artwork)
        Japanese Cloisonne “shippo” is appraised in a high level at overseas as artistically crafted today.The origins of cloisonné goes back to the Egyptian age,cloisonné with the golden mask of tutan-khamen.Cloisonne has reached Japan through the silk road between the west ant the Orient.After this period of foreign influence had ended,Japanese cloisonné began to start its own unique path of development.

5)Aigi Disposal Site
         Aigi Final Disposal Site is a landfill site where the final disposal from all over Nagoya city is carried and buried in the middle of a valley.The final disposal buried in Aigi Final Disposal Site includes “non burnable trash” and incinerated ash.the trucks come to the site and leave the trash everyday but If they simply leave the trash,there create a lot of problems.Therefore there are preprocessing stages and different facilities to avoid the pollution.Take for exampla,leachate treatment system,water shielding,storm water drainage system and gas ventilation facility.

6)Tie-Dying Museum (Arimatsu Narumi shiborikaikan)
      The history Arimatsu ,a town known as the center of shibori(tie-dyeing),dates back to 1608m when Takeda Shokuro ajd other pioneers of shibori started the business.That was several years after Shogun Tokugawa leyasu took the reins of governments in Edo.The 400-years success of Arimatsu Shibori began when the load of Owari decided to protect the industry as the region’s special product and gave credit to Takeda Shokuro.Tourists began to buy tie-dyed products as souvenirs to their hometown.Shibori is one of techniques for dying.For pattern dyeing,we have to do long processes such as pattern print,tie-dyeing work,dyeing,taking out stitches.


  1. so, did u manage to get the license? so cute when wearing nija's suit..

  2. Did you got to Da'wah anyone there or Islah them? LOL. Rhetoric Question

  3. yeah~
    but i was not da'wah for the japanese,
    i just teach some of my friends who didnt noe much about solat during travelling...


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