Monday, June 14, 2010

In search of identity~

       This is the real story of mine~After the 10 days of my "best" wonderful memory of my life,I just thought that not all the thing i got there were that good.I just realized that the 10 days are killing my 16 years!!! Astaghfirullah~I realized that I almost lose all my tarbiyah for 16 years by only 10 days!!

    I want to apologise to all my friends and also my family members if i had ever make u feel uneasy with my attitude lately.This is because i was shocked by the different culture when i was in japan.I admitted that I was really changed when i was there.I cant imagine if i went there for a month!

     Alhamdulillah~I got the hidayah and im going back to normal,my real life,and now i realised that i should not be very selfish and frustating other people.Thanx to all my friends for remind me back about my real personality.And im really sorry for all the "annoying" picture with all the gurls.I had deleted all of them and I hope I can go back to normal.

    "Ala bizikrillahitatmaínnulqulub"-this is soo real because since I back from Japan,My heart is always not feeling well,I dont know what is the real problem.Until I tried to be my old myself,I dont wanna show off,but this is the truth.Im kinda person which is not that good in socialize with girls and I just wanna be a real üstaz" InsyaAllah.So its my nature if suddenly i feel uneasy because it was already stated that a real mu'min will never feel happy with all their sin and bad doing.

    Thanx again,for waking me up from this longgggg sleep!Now i realised where i am now.This is me,only a small   human,( i mean not physically),With all the knowledge I have now,I hope that I can help to change this world by my small hand.Now the time has come.The issues about Gaza.It was stated that will be a time where all country will aim the ýahudi' as the biggest threat to the world.The time has come.Now we just can try to wait for the next step.ISRAEL!-THE TIME HAS COME!!!


  1. Muslimah Mukminah MujahidahJune 14, 2010 at 12:02 PM

    Di mna bumi d pijak , d situ ISLAM d junjung !!! d mna pun qte berada , qte sentiasa d awasi oleh-Nya..ingatlah , d mna pun qte berada , bawalah sahsiah & identiti Islam sbaik mngkin...jgn abaikn tarbiyah yg mndidik hati slama nie..d skeliling qte pnuh dgn dugaan..qte bkn org yg hnya thu mrintih pda qte adlh org yg sntiasa mncari 1001 pnyelesaian utk kluar dpd msalah...wallahu'alam..*fastaqim kama umirta..

  2. tnx my friends for the advice~
    I hope I ll survive~
    n hope u ll be the greatest mukminah as u want~
    Allah will always with Us~

  3. gud thing you turn back.. cuz if you dont.. it will be hard for you to do it again.. it is so remarkable that only a short period of time cud change everything..but that's how it is..that is the world we live in..keep strong..and hold on..dont ever walk away from this home called ISLAM.. cuz when you walk away.. n make other than islam your home.. it will be really hard to come back home(islam).. give your prayer and thank god for giving you the hidayah to make a u-turn while you can still see ur home.. well.. if ur wondering who i m.. im a friend who had lost his home..still lost in the middle of nowhere n still dragged by the current of the world..i just stumbled upon ur blog.. n i might never open it again.. so take this advice.. "hold on, cuz it's not much further"..
    -a friend who didnt make the u-turn


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