Thursday, June 17, 2010


This sentence will make Allah's Arasy shaking because of the noblity of it....Ya Rahman Ya Rahim...please dont turn back my heart to the dark way as i had been turned before this.I dont know why,but this holiday,I can feel the changes of my heart when i didnt istiqamah n keep up with my "amalan".I dont know why my heart keep forcing me to do bad things...but its not that strong until to the extend i wanna kill someone or what.

      I know its really hard for us to keep istiqamah with it,but now i realised that the life outside of biah islamiah is really a hard journey.And I heard that some of my friends in university had changed a lot.It shows that our life is actually very challenging.We need to have a high self-esteem to ensure that we wont turned out in the "real world".Im sorry,but im writing this post as a guidance for me n for all the muslim outside there.Outside of here.No boundaries,Unlimited,Free to do anything,unless we keep our faith to Allah's words.

     Especially for the teenagers,can u imagine your life without the observation of parents?Can you imagine how your life is if your parents are giving permission to you to do whatever you want in your life?If you are someone who dont believe in will simply see that murdering is not a fault,you will see that cheating is fun,you will see that stealing is the easiest way to get the money.But you will see that the civilisation of human on that tyme is the worst in history!The development will be destroyed ever!The high buliding and infrastructure will toppled,and the most important thing is you will see that a mum will throw her baby inside the drain.!

    Let us wake up and aware of this.Its not a joke.You can feel it right?The heat radiation of sun is blazing hardly  towards our house,obviously,our earth is old enough,and some of the scientists had found some of  sunspots are starting to blaze and will give a bad effect to the earth.It will cause the space storms,the worst in history,and the time is really coming,the world nowadays is full of sign that the ENDING is not that far.So as a reminder to me and to all,dont ever lose your faith now because this is what we call as CRITICAL time,If you lose your faith now,you will regret it forever because the life hereafter is forever ....

     Ya Allahu Ya rabbi,please dont turn out our heart now...Allahummakhtimna bihusnulkhatimah,wa la takhtimna bissuilkhatimah,rabbana aatina fiddunya hasanah,wafilakhiratihasanah,waqina "azabannar~

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