Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Vision~


 First of all,I want to say sorry to all my friends if i had ever make all of you feel angry,mad or going crazy.Before this,I admit it,before I went to KISAS,I am a playful person.Playing with what ever surrounds me,like to insult people,not being serious with all my works(not really),and make some crap talking with my friends.I ve found that im 16 !! 1,2,3,4, more years for me to reach 20!

      Let's think back,in a such long life we had now,16 years old(Alhamdulillah).,have we done anything that can help us in our SakaratulMaut maybe 1 hour,30 minutes,or maybe 5 minutes from now?Maybe 16 years old is just like a short period for Allah,but for Us?? It is the period of our journey which had been started in our mother's womb.Do you remember every second of your life since you open your eyes to see this world?The answer is NO!Absolutely No!

       So,let me shorten it.Every time we breath,we move,we see this world,Have we ever show our gratitude to Allah?As a Khaliph,or an Abid,We r only a creature.A helpless creature.If we collect all the knowledge in this world,it is uncomparable with Allah's knowledge even a mole of an atom!

       Ya Allah,you are the STRONGEST one,the SMARTEST one,andwe  as your creature are helpless.Show Us a right path,"Ihdinassiratulmustaqim".To your 'Jannah",and let Us go with "husnulkhatimah".InsyaAllah~

Syahid Fi Sabilillah is my aim!

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