Friday, February 12, 2010

New Life~

             As I enter the Mutthaqin Wal Muthaqqafin Hall,a new hope come,after all the test and obstacle,finally i can reach this level.This is my dream,since in standard 4,my mum keep telling me about KISAS.I cant deny that I was also attracted to KISAS after all of the story about it.

            The new air in KiSAS really make me excited.All my new friends are very good.They are genius,and they have the Islamic basic that make the ukhuwah between us as a nicest thing in this world.Seriously,I dont want to compare them  with the hamidianz,but the tarbiyah there is really good!

           Now I knew the real meaning about "tarbiyah".The tarbiyah is really soft,smooth and effective.I never heard the seniors there shouting to the juniors to educate the juniors.Like what normal seniors do in the other school,shout,scold,scream,to the juniors are cliche.

           The time there was very tight,I cant imagine that I dont have any tyme for myself even for 15 minutes!That's why so many people say about how tension they are in KISAS.But for me,I think it is suitable for me to be a great person.There are 5 uniques in KISAS~

  • Tarbiyah Islamiyah
  • Biah Solehah
  • Friends
  • Teachers
  • Ukhuwah
           The most best part is about friends.I found so many friends from different state,such as Kelantan,Terengganu,Perlis,and etc.And I learned to speak utara with them!LOL

           So I think that I had made a right decision.Its just that I still feel sad for living my best friend.
For my lovely friend;

  • Just hope u to smile always~
  • cheers always~
  • Ana akhukum fil Islam
  • 'Jihad' is our  journey,
  • 'Jannah' is our aim, 
  • Ana Ahabbuki fillah~
  • I will miss u always! 

Thanks to Allah~
For let me make a right choice~

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