Saturday, January 30, 2010

My new World~

      My world had changed~

         I am going to KISAS and insyaAllah I will register on this Tuesday.But what is keep playing in my mind is that Is it a right decision i had made by leaving Maahad?I admit that Maahad is the best school in my life.EVER AND EVER! But what is actually make me feel so desperately is that the facilities.Seriously,all my members say that Maahad had changed.From the faciities to the school's administration.I didnt mean to insult my own school but this is the reality.
             Actually there had been one evening around 2 weeks ago.After Asar,as usual,im going to find something and moke some exercise.But what i can see only FOOTBALL? Where is the Volleyball,hockey,badminton,and the other games? I cant found any of it! After that i tried to ask from the wardens where is the volleyball and badminton nets?Where is the hockey stick?Which should be sponsored by the school? The easiest answer is "The school dont have any money for it.So,if u want to play the games,u should buy it for urself and if u want u can SPONSORE it to the school." What is all of this? Where is all the money?Im not that stingy to sponsore it to the school,but where is the facilities that should be provided by the school?For the student?Im saying this because i feel so pity to all of the hamidianz because they should get their rights! 

         Secondly,the thing that i feel so angry is that before we moved,(to the person who will leave maahad),we had been commanded to go to the headmaster's room.After the short briefing,before i enter my class,I asked Us Ibrahim about the MAK(majlis anugerah kecemerlangan).He said that even we had moved,we will get that present too.But,as i get out from the school,Us Zainaphi informed me through the Facebook,"to all the person who had moved, u ll not get the award"...What is the problem with this school???

      This is just only the problem i can see in Maahad,Thats why, I want to move out and find for a better opportunities.To all my batchmate,I hope all of u will survive in Maahad with all the water and electrical problem.Because what is really precious in Maahad is the Tarbiyah,Biah,and the Friends.

                                           Miss u my batchmate! United Being Harmony~


  1. ak pon dga psl yg da pinda xle amek adiah...
    apakah rasionalnya?

  2. thn yg pnuh dgn bajet..
    ala..kabo angin jek tuh..
    nnt mesti boleh dtg amik hadiah punya..klu x, ktorg MOGOK!

  3. chaiyOk kt sne weyh!
    jgn lpe ktorg!!!~~


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