Wednesday, January 27, 2010

so sad~

     Ayah Aji-"semoga berjaya di sekolah baru"
     Ummi Sapiah-"walau di mana kita berada,kita akan berjaya dengan komitmen"
     Ustaz Syed Anas-"Apa yang penting adalah keberkatan"
     Ustaz Jamaludin-" Jaga identiti  maahad"
     Pn.Thuraiya-Jangan lupakan maahad"
But the best speech is:
      Abah(ustaz Ibrahim)-"pergi2!Dah jangan balik dah lepas ni!

     All of this is the last speech be given by my lovely teachers.I dont know why,but my heart is still in maahad.Although im not hamidianz anymore,but i will still always follow for any updates and information there.Even I had been banned by teacher Rohani for escaping during her class.Its just a slight misunderstand.Im supposed not entering the class eventhough im wearing the school uniform.But she thought that Im really a bad prefect because she saw me eating at the canteen as she finished her class which was my class."Why are u eating here?!Harap je pengawas! "said teacher.Im trying to explain to her but she had walked  away.I felt so ashamed been hummiliated infront the public.To teacher,please apologise me.

     And then,when I walked around the school to find the teachers,I felt a little bit ashamed because all my friends especially the girls will say goodbye to me.Honestly,Im not a social type and i think maybe there are some of the girls will feel anger at me because Im not facing them when they said it!But I just nodded as the signal for "thank you".But Im so sad when I heard that the 4 Razi girls had insulted me openly!They made a conference between them and insulted me!Im so angry when hearing that!What is my fault towards them?Huh!What a disappointment!

    Then,I went to the hostel after the assembly to pack my stuffs.And about 1 o"clock ,I went to the mosque and did my Azan Wida"....That is my last Azan in Maahad.After Zohor prayer,I went to the teacher's room to find Tc Mahmudah.I need her signature before I go.After waiting for a long time,It seems that she was not around.So,I decided to go back to the hostel.As I stepped in the hostel"s gate,Irfan came to me and said that my mum had come.

    But,I was too shocked when I saw there are abundance of the gurls(my batch) waiting for me!I felt so impressed!And I saw Raihan is the most excited person.Thank you my friend~I dont know why,my tears flowing like the rain outside of my car.Thank you.I dont have a better word to describe how Im appreciating all of u! Maahad had gave me the "tarbiyah" and made me a better person.So,my job after this is to use all the tarbiyah at my new school later.I will prove that HAMIDIANZ is not a normal student.WE R the OUTSTANDING student! Amin2 Ya Rabbal Alamin. 

                                                       LOVE ALL OF U!


  1. salam..
    i wus only a silent reader b4..
    bt,for tis post..
    i really hv to drop some words..
    frankly, for me..
    when u said u gonna move to kisas..
    it's kinda heartbreaking..
    cm x cye je ak ckp mende nih..
    bknnye pe..
    cam taon lpas mse klas science,ko ske tnye mende2 yg org len x terfikir un..n most of the time bile ko tnye n cg bgi penerangan..
    ak jadi silent listener..
    so tis year..
    bio,physics n chemis class wouldnt be the same...
    pape un..
    live ur life kt sane..
    n sorrylah tetibe ak membebel pnjg nih..

  2. hey, welccome to kisas. can u call me when ur there? just wanna say im comin there to check out the debate team.
    all da best there!

  3. =( if i had the chance i would be one of the girls..hue.
    welcome to the group " non-hamidians" haha. matlamat group sentiasa mengingati maahad hamidiah kajang dan batch 94. (memandai je ak reka)

  4. waaa! tnx my friends!
    bro muhammad,InsyaAllah i will come to see u
    i heard kak iman had registered my name in kisas debate team?

  5. salam..
    sedey uh ko dh x de ah..
    satu kehilangan yg agak besar wat kitorg..
    kat sane nnti,
    jge diri bek2 keh..?!
    jgn lupe maahad da..

  6. wasalam..
    aq pon sdey gak~
    syg gle kat maahad!
    ko pon gudluck kat maahad~
    smoga mnjadi PKU kat sne~


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