Friday, January 15, 2010


     I went home after 2 weeks being in hostel.It such a long time not at house,and I miss my mum so much! Along this 2 weeks,starting with the 1st week,I can sense how difficult the f4's subject.Followed by the Minggu Haluan Pelajar.Maybe it is a little bit boring to me,but it has some parts that i like too.

    But,when I got this pc after 2 weeks,the 1st thing I want to see is the offer to SBP!! And Alhamdulillah,I got KISAS!! I dont know why,but as I saw the offer," Congrats,u ve been offered to go into KISAS!! I jumped with excitement! Finally,my dream comes true.I ve been dreamed it since I was in standard 6(because it was too close with my house.

    The 1st thing that stop me from imagining the kisas is my debate team.How about them?I am being cruel to them if I moved.It doesnt mean that they wont survive without me,but,I cant imagine their face if I saw them in IIUM ! and Im wearing the KISAS's shirts! The most freaking is that if I have to fight with them! It looks like Im betraying them! because maahad is using family concepts which is more exciting than KISAS that only want to hold the trophy only.

   But this is the reality.I have to face it.The facilities,scholarship,the study environment.All of this is the only thing I want from KISAS.And I dont have to face the water and electrical problem in maahad anymore! haha~

  So,InsyaAllah,I have to make a sacrification.I want to help my race,nations and religion! I want to make a changes to this world.InsyaAllah~


                             LET'S GO KISAS!

  And to all my frens~especially my debate FAMILY! I ll always remember u all! I will not forget all of u! Kak Wani,do ur SPM carefully.U ll be my Idol.InsyaAllah,I ll get straight A's if u got it! And to raihan~i hope u can take care of urself~increase ur EQ.U ll be a great thinker.And dont ever lose ur hope.Eventhough we cant contact like always anymore.But I ll never forget u my fren~I want u to be the backbone of english debate next year! dont waste ur talent! U r the best!!! May Allah Bless U~!

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  1. congrats for KISAS..
    harap dpt better journey..


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