Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mumbles of holidays

    Salam and greetings

Basically my life is too complicated to be squeezed down and write it up in my blog, but by having some nescafe and morning view, let's review what I had did over my holiday. 3 weeks of holiday are kinda good to hear. Off from assignments, exams, classes and all those hectic-sound-work in KMB. And that is also what I really hope I could do during this holidays. But in fact, I only have 3 days more before the college are open again, I never had a thought that "Im having a holiday".

    3 weeks are not enough to fulfill all the tasks given and the assignments which most of them are still untouched. Too much and too compact. And I hope I can finish all of them as they said "3rd sem is the scariest, hardest, and the most hectic sem in IB". Sounds like a myth. But Im the mythbuster. Keep calm and survive IB.

    So for 2 weeks of holiday, I went to UITM Shah Alam and start doing my EE. EE stands for extended essay in which we have to do a  4000 words research in any field that you interested
into. The most difficult part in doing research is to find a research question. The topic must be something you had never found anyone had done the research. You need to find a new research. And how wonderful I am for taking biology as my core topic of my research. And yeah, it feels like "hamek kau". But they said UK loves students who are intellectually motivated. You need to show how inquire you are towards biology especially for medical students. 

    So for my EE, my RQ had been rejected thrice. At the end, I just find a simple topic about investigating different type of water filter and the bacteria presence. And so we come to my story about 2 weeks of my lab work and experiment. Alhamdulillah I got this one friend of mine who has a cool parents in which both of them are professors here. They helped me sooooo much. They provide everything for free. I don't know how will I survive without their guidance. Basically what I did was we tried to culture a bacteria which came from 5 different water samples. I got all of them from my neighbourhood area. How lucky I am for getting a very helpful neighbours. 

    After few days, I managed to observe some bacteria on the plates. The colonies formed are really beautiful. Here are the examples.

Wonderful is it?

Say what? Subhanallah :)

We learnt a lot during the experiments. Actually this is not only what I did, theres a lot more, too much to write. But I just wanna simply say that what I did was also what those masters and Phd students are doing. Thanks IB for not judging my IQ based on my age. Aha.

   Oh yeah, I got the chance to go to KISAS yesterday. I went there with my debate-mates. Eventhough we had done with school about 2 years, but it feels like just yesterday I met and debated with them. The memory was just so nice. I met teachers. They were so excited when they saw me. But with this one statement: "Akhirnya, budak KMB turun pun. Ingatkan dah tak ingat sekolah lama" And I was like errr, sorry teacher, we were too busy T.T

   I also got the chance to meet the juniors! Specifically, I met with junior debaters. They were so great. I can see how their potentials are very bright. But at the same time I feel so guilty. I don't have much time to train along with them. So, since we met for the first time yesterday, we had a very long conversations I think. About 2 hours ++. But it was awesome reminiscing the memories. 

  All my debate-mates are bounded to UK. It was kinda inspiring for the form fivers I think. Yeah. 

After All, I had a very hectic holidays. But I really enjoyed my life. Really. Alhamdulillah.

To juniors who are coming to KMB this 2nd of July, Welcome to KMB and enjoy your life here ;)

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