Monday, June 4, 2012

KMB here I come!


First and foremost guys, Assalamualaikum and greetings to all. After a long and longgg time since I havent updated my blog. Finally I got the spirit to make up something into my blog. Yeah, the subject for my post this time is about my life journeys and experiences.

As we know, as an SPM leaver, people always say that its a honeymoon time, full of leisure time and etc, but for me, its not a honeymoon at all, but its a silent killer for students like me. LEISURE TIME is a SILENT KILLER for muslims by the way. Its exceptional when u know how to manage ur time very well. Not for person like me.Haha.

So, the reason why I didnt updated my blog for such long period of time is because its not about having a free time because I have lots of it, but its just that I dont want to make a DREAM and being so ambitious. Guess what, Im a type of person who likes to look forward. And when I start to babble like this, it means that Im already clear with my path in my life. Why?? Am I having a blurry life before this? Yes. My answer is YES. Because eventhough u have finish ur SPM, it doesnt mean that u have to just relax, start to make dreams like "OH, I WANNA FURTHER MY STUDY OVERSEAS SOON!". Its a big mistake there.

Why I said its a mistake? Because in life, we can plan everything, but it doesnt mean that we ll get evrything that we want. Example? Yeah, I got straight A's for my mid term exams, my SBP trials and also JPN's trials. But it doesnt necessarily means that Im ASSURED that I can get 11A's in SPM right? And  eventhough if U got 11A's, it doesnt mean that U can obtain all scholarships. Guess what, out of my 6 interviews, I only managed to  get 2 only. Sad right? Thats what do we call as "rezeki"

But it doesnt mean that we dont have to make any effort on determining our life. Effort is something important. And after all my hardwork, Alhamdulillah I begin to  see my life the way it is. Its become better and not blurry as always. For a student, a normal student like me who is not capable to get the bursary award from the government, I can only apply for normal scholarships like FELDA, KHAZANAH, Darul Quran, MARA and ZAKAT SELANGOR. Alhamdulillah I got 2 offers for medicine. 1 is from zakat selangor for medicine in Egypt and another one is MARA for medicine in UK.



I choose UK because I can play with SNOWS! LOL. No, im just kidding. Maybe its more to environment I think. I heard the environment in egypt in terms of cleanliness is a little bit worse.(NO OFFENCE PLEASE) But maybe I cant stand in that kinda environment and Im afraid to learn medicine in ARABIC. So I decided to take MARA for KMB and I know most seniors would say IB is very hard, but I ll take it as a big challenge.


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