Sunday, April 22, 2012

For a new smartphone users(ANDROID)

 Salam and greetings guys. Since there are lots of new users and my friends that are using a new smartphones, (maybe that is their SPM reward from their parents). Well, since the usage of smartphones are increasing, so Im making some tips for our guidance and share my knowledge for the benefits to all.

   Okay, seriouslyy Im one of the gadgets fans. Although I didnt use any kinda smart gadgets before this,well, financial problem, but then i will always search for any new gadgets, about their info, specs, and pros and cons.At least, I have the feeling like im using it. By only watching youtube and reading at gsmarena.Okay, now when we are talkin about smartphones, what is actually a smartphone?

 A smartphone is a revolution of mobile phones which are trending nowadays. The benefits of using smartphones are actually better than just using a normal mobile phones.In our super fast moving world nowadays, people are getting sick with all heavier burdens and duties in their daily life. So by having smartphones in hand, you will be able to manage your daily life much easier It can detect your mood, your schedule and you can socialize with your friends on facebook, twitter and so on quickly.

 Okay, now lets say if you already got one smartphone for you. What should you do? Okay firstly you have to charge up your phone fully. Its important as the first charge will determine and calibrate the amount of battery power in the phone soon. Then, switch on your phone, and wait for the SD storage scanning done first. After that, go to ANDROID MARKET. Okay, now this is the vital part. You must register your own GMAIL account. This is because android market is basically using google as their search engines and when we are talking about android, what is actually android? android is an open source instead of APPLE users. To simplify this, we have lots of OS.OPERATING SYSTEM of mobile phones such symbians(nokia),Apple(iphone), RIM(blackberry) and android(samsung and sony). So android is the best OS because of its wide functionality.Furrthermore, they are associated with google company, so most android user will use PLAY STORE which is a new name of ANDROID MARKET.

  After register with android market, some of smartphones will AUTOMATICALLY change the name of android market into PLAY STORE. This is under GOOGLE project, As I know its automatic for samsung users. Then, open the WEB BROWSER and google BLACKMARKET. What is the functions of blackmarket? you can download most of top paid apps by free here, No need to pay anything for the apps. Then you can start downloading apps from these two sources.

 For those who dont know, the internet for the smartphones can use two methods:
1) WiFI-if your has your own wifi, just go to the settings>wireless and network>wifi settings>turn on wifi
2)Mobile internet- settings>wireless and network>mobile networks>use packet data.
(But be careful when using packet data, if only you have suscribed the mobile internet plan on your phone, then just go on. If not, DONT USE IT. IT WILL CAUSE OVERUSE OF YOUR CREDITS AND BILLS!)

List of apps that you have to download:
*Go launcher ex
*smart keyboard pro
*Blackmart Apha
*Dolphin browser
*App 2 SD Pro
*Easy task killer
*Easy battery saver
*IQuran pro

List of games:
*Angry birds space
*Drag racing
*Asphalt 6
*PES 12
*Cut the rope
*Temple run

Thats All. Anything just ask in comments ^_^

My beloved Galaxy Note :D

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