Saturday, April 14, 2012

My SPM and my FUTURE.

Salam and greeting guys. I think I did not updated my blog about 1 month guys! Oh god, I just feel like so lazy to update it. Alright. So after a long time, finally I will explain to you some of my experiences which about 1 month.

   So basically, right now Im holding the title of SPM leavers. And maybe some of you wanna know my results right? Oh, its not that excellent. Its just 6A+ , 4A, and 1A-. And guess what, my A- is ADDMATHS! Oh, seriously, I hate addmaths. haha. Well, I shoulda get a better results. Its just that I was like playing so much during my SPM. Yeahh, its my mistake, no need to explain further about this.

 Then, it comes to the most awaited time by the SPM leavers where we call it as "Scholarships treasure hunter time". So most of my friends were like so eager to find all the scholarships available and fill it up without considering their own interest. Its like a hunter who tried to shoot randomly and sometimes you can hook up animals. So the same thing goes with me. I know my A+ is not that much, so I made a back up plan by searching for all kinda scholarshps  including from the IPTS one.

  But the thing is, I just wanna play safe with my not-so-excellent results. So I just want to apply for common scholarships like JPA or MARA. But sadly, when this year, the announcements for the JPA and MARA scholarships are very late. Whhen i tried to search from the past or seniors students, 12 or 13 April was the time where they were called for the interviews. But this year, on 13 April, they just give out the online APPLICATION! It was like so late! Plus, I was very very very sad, with the Prime Minister announcements that the JPA( They were changing the name into BURSARY) will only give their scholarships for 9A+ students only and it was automatic regardless to from what races you are, how active you are, and didnt even look at their involvements in cocuriculum activities!! I was like, "WHATTT THE HECK?" Firstly the qualifications are like so high when compared to last year, and they are gonna give the government money to the one that are good in academics only and not an all rounders! Okay, so I decide to take MARA. Its just that so so sad.

  Okay, while I was like crying(not really) about the bursary thingy, suddenly I got an email from KHAZANAH that Im qualified to go for the 1st stage which was mental ability test. At least I can relax myself and starting to comfort myself that maybe this is what Allah wants to give me. But then I dont want to put a high hope on khazanah because I was selected for khazanah 1st stage too last year using my trials results. and my school did send 15 candidates. And out of 15, only one from us was selected for the 2nd interviews. So I did the test last thursday, and Alhamdulillah, the test was same with the trials one and I can answer better. Just hope that Ill qualfy for the 2nd stage. Ameen.

  At the same time, Im selected for FELDA interview this thursday. So just pray for me that I can make it this time. Btw, the courses that I chose for KHAZANAH and FELDA is biotech. And now Im so confused to choose what course I should take for MARA because Im afraid of choosing wrong course. But then, nevermind, istikharah will do insyaAllah.

  So this is the briefing for what I had done for a month, and Im really sorry for my broken grammar as I didnt talk for 4 months in english. Its hard to find the word right now. And Im making this post as a ground training for my english. InsyaAllah, stay motivated! And go on with your life! Take a goal, and shoot the ball into it. But remember, you cant just use your energy only, you have to PRAY to Allah. InsyaAllah, jannah is our goal :)

  Till then, salam.

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