Friday, April 15, 2011

im suffering!!??

      Salam,hey guys,how are you?I guess you guys are fine~ I mean its better than me.Why i didnt updated my blog for a long time?Maybe because of the number of my posts is beautiful which is 88?No,absolutely not.(Actually I just got aware of it.)Basically,yeah,as a student,you know how is the business right?It seems like yesterday I just got updated my blog,but when i notice it,oh my god,its about 4 weeks!

   Fine,you dont have the idea on how busy i am.But still,It cannot be an excuse right?yea,yea,I know.So here my loyal stalker,I just got the chance to go online actually.The weird thing is,there are a lot of computers in my schools,but,because of the problem which is lacking of time,the computers were kept untouched by me.what a good student!Am I?haha.

   So,in this 4 weeks,I ve done a lot of things,such as went for badminton tournament (though i lost,I got the experience-cliche excuse for losers).Then,I just keep myself in hibernating mode which means i just become a book worm!We have what we called it as "Modul item berfokus" which made by PPD Klang.It sounds scary~ .But thats the reality.Seeing my friends become great in studies,is making myself feels inhibited.Then the effect is,no playing at the evening,no tazkirah,no sleep early,just to catch up on my studies!

  I just got the result for my march test which I only got 8A 3B.Sounds great?Not at all.Maybe I got the 13th ranks in my batch,(yeah,thats my best achievement),but still cant get through dream which is 11A+! Okay fine,if you cant reach for the stars,at least you have the moon.(Im not a vampire).now,my plan for the nearest exam which will start at 27th of April(Its too early),before that I will have my HELP debate tournament in HELP university.Then after the exam,I have to prepare for my InterSBP debate championship which we call it as HKSBP.My teacher had promised us(the form 5) that if we can make the best for our mid-year-exam,then he will bring us to UIA debate!And the most delightful news is there will be a world debate tournament in Scotland this august.Sounds great?for the junior yes it is.But the form 5?sucks!we have our trials on that time.But again,our teacher will send the form 5 if our academic is stable enough.

    So,enough with debate,Im so obsessed with it.Btw,I need to go now.Have to prepare for tomorrow.I have 4 papers for exam tomorrow.Exams on saturday?Its not weird in KISAS.So,okay then,barakallahufikum!

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