Friday, May 14, 2010

The dream becomes true~

        Yeah,after 2 weeks,finally I got the permission to get out from the school as the reason is preparation for next week.So,as all of you had knew,Alhamdulillah I got the offer to go to Japan,and last week,there was one 'kem jati diri' that was held in Intergom.I feel a little bit relieved when I saw there is not only me who doesn't know how to speak nihon go.Almost all MRSM's students didn't learn the nihon go.And actually we were selected not because our nihon go,but they are looking to our english proficiency.And I was surprised,how come I can be the part of it??

      That's what we call as 'rezeki'.Im so grateful by having this oppoturnities as well as Im very interested in learning about japan.So,maybe through this program, I ll try to get the benefit as much as possible.And I know almost of all my friends are so envy with me,but the task given is not that easy.As a small embassador to our country,I have to DANCE!What a crazy task!My first impression is just like AAAA!!!How come this thing must happen??But I try to strengthen my heart by saying YES!I CAN DO IT!Even though people will laughing with my KEKAYUAN..But I ll try to be like a professional dancer!haha!So ambitious!

     Besides,the representatives from Malaysia are only 20 students. 10 from SBP and the other 10 are from MRSM.And each of us will be separated into our own group which the members only 2 person per group.And the members will be a boy and a girl.So, i have to pair up with a girl.And each of the team will go into different prefacture.Take for example,I got the AICHI prefacture,while my friend got the HOKKAIDO prefacture.Later,in our own prefacture,we ll combined by the other 10 Asean members such as Singapore,Vietnam,Thailand and etc.

    So,maybe this thing will be the most unforgettable memories in my life,I just hope that I ll always be fine there.Pray for me okay~InsyaAllah~



  1. wishing u all the best there.
    sorry to say this arif,
    but i heard some rumors bout u.
    i feel like telling u wht it is coz i dont want u to be mad or anything but i just want to ask u for something.
    JANGAN sesekali lupekn Maahad tau!
    nwy, good luck there. jge diri, solat, hubungan dgn Allah.

  2. waahh..!!aloy..!!siyes ko nk dancing..?? nk tgk ko dancing..!!
    nk tgk..nk tgk..
    n partner ko girl..??kuikuikui..

  3. yup~
    tp x de pape eh~
    no feeling2 okay!
    kite kan x normal~

  4. awesome!!!
    that is very good!!!
    keep it up ok!!!


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