Friday, April 30, 2010

At the peak of happiness~

                 After The 9th IIUM Debating Championship that was held in IIUM on 16th -21st of April,I feel like very happy,yeah I admit that we didnt won for the english category,maybe its a little bit of sadness there,but that's not me!I was very happy because firstly,I know that we didnt reach the level that we have to achieve eventhough we want to be in the bubble room!Secondly,I got so many new knowledge and skills for everytime we lose.And I have a high hope to my teammates,we ll do our best next year!yeah! Get the momentum!Arrange the strategy!With our full heart!Dont ever look backward!We will touch the trophy!Amin~
During quarantine

Just wanna feel the warmth of the TROPHY(not ours)

And one night after the competition,
             While Im studying in my prep class,suddenly I heard someone was shouting at me.I was shocked!When I look out,I saw tc Rosnaini was shouting my name.When Im approaching her,suddenly she said,"Arifuddin,U have to register for ur international passport tomorrow!"I blurred! Ärifuddin,U got the offer for the JAPAN!",I was *#$%^&*....I cant express my happiness,but something was popped out of my mind,what about Syuhaida?Tc said that she didnt get the offer,yeah,a little bit of frustration for my friend.But dont worry,i ll pray for ur dream to go to Japan.InsyaAllah~

             Yeah,maybe Im quite excited for this time,But I was informed that i ll go for the exposure programme  next week.The selected candidates were only 8 students.So,I hope everything will go well as expected.And tnx Syu for teaching me some japanese words,eventhough I cant understand all of it,but it helped a lot~


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  1. perlu ke promote nme ak???haha..neway,thanx..and wat's with that #blablabla symbol???juz kid..


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