Thursday, April 15, 2010


   Im writing this as Im going to IIUM this evening...What the nervous I have.Because everything had changed.This year is really different with last year..Because of the objective of my own,giving a high expectation in order to touch the floor of the final hall.Thanks to all people that had taught me a lot since I start speaking with 100 words word in a minute till I can speak 600 words in a minute.haha.Maybe it is a unsignificance improvement.But nothing is impossible as I try my best to achieve my dream even how far is it,it is not a matter.

     To all hamidianz,especially the debaters,Thanks for all your guidance after all of this.Maybe there is the 'hikmah'  beyond all of this incidents.Its just I feel frustrated when I heard my best friend is not going.But she is going to HELP competition.Its okay,,I just hope that she ll do her best because she knew that she had a big potential such as a big bang that waiting to be explode.

    With the name of Allah with his bless,gracious and merciful,Im giving my whole life to Allah as he is the creator of Us.Insya Allah we ll hold the trophy if that was fated for Us,but the most important thing that I have to do is just giving all my EFFORT and keep PRAYING....

                          la takhauf wa la tahzan!


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  1. Good luck there~
    kirim salam kt k iman n k farhana tau!
    oh yeah, dont frget the MAHDI (maahd hamidiah debatrs islam) as well. Nwy, never ever think of winning till it blurs ur head from ur actual intention or holding the trophy in front of every school or even getting ur name planted in some school's head as the greatest debater (though that's hard to do, i know). Just be urself and enjoy the fun. U'll need it.

    ps: MAHDI's great. If u guys stumble with them, be prepared. LOL.


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