Wednesday, December 16, 2009

my new project~

              Since my first day of my holiday,I have plan so many of work I want to do.But the problem is that nothing had happened!I didnt realise that the time is running very fast!All the thing I do is just facing this computer 24/7.Getting some info about the latest issue.Just to fulfill my holiday homework towards the debate.But when I think about it back,there's nothing i had done!I just got the few of the info's.My brain become so lag this holiday!

               But last night,before i turned off my eyes,(around 4 a.m).I do some 'Muhasabah diri" for what i had done for myself in this holiday's period.Its so sad when I think back about my activities,which were so wasting the time!i found myself was so careless!let the precious time just flowing like that!Nothing ! no benefit at all! I dont use it wisely!How stupid I am!I had been distracted by Facebook,myspace,and so on.There's no benefit at all!my hafazan didnt get into the targetted level!I supposed to finish my 1st juz at least on this holiday.But,I cant!

            After I count the amount of day total left,it will be around 2 weeks more for the school to open.And I will start to struggling with the new syllabus!which will be tougher.Physics,Chemistry,Biology,all of this will be my company all the time!I have a high hopes to make what all the other people says about the SPM's subject."Nak lulus pun susah!".I was so shocked! This is not what I want to be! Maybe the subjects are harder,but it is not impossible right for me to get straight A's like what Nik Nur Madihah's did!ok,maybe that is too far example.I will take the example of Raihan's brother.She said that her brother got straight A's for his trial!What an amazing! I was really impressed! I want to prove that I can do it too!

            Its not only about my academics,I have to focus on my sports.Badminton,Volleyball,'Olahraga',Hockey,are waiting for me!Its not that I want to be the glamorous person,by involving myself in these sports,But the truth is that I just want to take the chance,which will come maybe once in our life,Im not saying that i got involved all of that by being biased!Im getting all of that by myself!I tried to take those chance!Which were jump in front of me,but I have to chase them by my own.Keep practising,High determination,Discipline,dont give up.

         Actually,all of this thought didnt come by themself!I have to think about all of these.But,one of the biggest hand helping me to think all of this is my favourite activity,which needs me to think rationally,being confidence.It is DEBATE! I dont know how to thank my debate family whom helps me a lot to increase my ability in speaking,thinking rationally,being confidence speaking in front of the publics.All sorts of thing make me be my new personality now.Which I think Is better than my old ones.Im happier now.I can get the real meaning of my life now.Although Abg Fakry said that Im still dont know what Im doing now.

         From my last post,I had stated about my conflicts,problem which was being faced by me now.And I think that the problem become worse.Abg Fakry said "'u guys dont know what U guys doing now".And Kak Wani said "  we concluded.., that u guys punye problem is that u guys created ur own problem, without knowing".What is actually all of this??I dont want all my debate family scattered away,especially the Form 3's.Debate is not just a debate.It is more than that!The ukhuwah.To be a great team,a great ukhuwah should be practised!It is not just to win the biggest trophy!the Best Speaker Award!But it is more than that!without the cooperation and the responsibility from all debate teammates,there will no any award or trophy to be won.Eventhough we won,It was meaningless!Because "we dont get the true goal of debate"said Kak Wani.

So my last hope,to all the form 3's,I hope we can continue our journey together,facing all the obstacles together.Facing all the problems together,not running away from it.It wont solve it.

Try not to become a man of success but a man of value.
Albert Einstein

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  1. hmm.. aq pn sme gak. Cme aq amalkn prinsip jdikan ari ni better dr smlm n esok better dr ari ni. Kna mujahadah la sket 4 arrange mase 2 ea.. Kita sme je senanye. Masa kita da byk abis dpan komputer.. haha..


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