Tuesday, December 1, 2009



       " If you want something different, DO something different. Without change, progress is impossible."

 This is a quotes that i feel very meningful to me! In my life,I have always been tested with abundance of obstacles.But, I know,"Allah will not test a muslim unless he able to do it"I am giving myself  some kind of hope that actually,we are living in this world to be a khalifah of Allah.That's why we are kept to be tested,being frustrated,just because to make us to be better or the BEST person in this world.Nothing will be changed in this world unless we change it by ourselves.Giving hope,high expectation, is a something crap if we don't know how to use it.It is actually comes from a word-CONFIDENCE- ,-HIGH SELF-ESTEEM-.

  So,I took this chance to do some self-examination,post-mortem,to myself.I asked myself "Am I ready to be khalifah of Allah?To carry  this huge rensponsibility?" And i keep thinking,how is it actually the meaning of it?Is it just carry on with my ordinary life,just do some Ibadah ,find my own money,married,and DIE?
  NO! I don't want that! Khalifah is really a big means! It frames and symbolizes my leadership to this world! that's not mean that i have to be someone like BARRACK OBAMA,but i have to be someone,someone that is really make the UMMAH needs me! I want to be so different to the world.I want to be a person which been remembered by the world,not like MICHAEL JACKSON,not NORDIN MAT TOP too!

  Maybe this is just a DREAM~For those who are still not realize the true meaning of our life.It is my goals! "Trying" is  a very strong,unbeatable,and unexpectable word.We must keep trying.People does'nt look to the success,but they will look to the EFFORT,SPIRIT, n how many we fall to gain our success!

   If we want to be the best person in this world(INSYAALLAH),we have to stick to this 8 KEYS to success:

  1. Passion — You have to be driven by a passion for your subject, which in turn leads to your goals. The realization of goals, whatever they may be, forms your success.
  2. Ability to accept a risk — Successful people are risk takers. People who are afraid to “step out on the ledge.” It is not risk for risk’s sake, but a measured response, to move closer to a goal.
  3. High Self-esteem — Not an egotist, but an honest assessment of your skills and abilities; knowing how to play to your strengths and overcome your weaknesses.
  4. Persistence — Thomas Edison went through hundreds of failures until he came up with a working light bulb. Had he given up after the first few or even the first hundred failures, someone else’s name would be associated with the invention of the light bulb.
  5. Being nice to work with — Success is rarely a solo venture. You need the help of others, and their willingness to help will be commensurate with your ability to get along with others.
  6. Who you know — Networks and relationships are important: teachers, mentors, peers, clients can all play a part in developing your success.
  7. Master your craft — You have to work diligently to develop and maintain your skills: musicians practice scales; bricklayers work for speed; teachers improve their lesson planning; and so on.
  8. Talent — Talent is perhaps the least important key to success. It also can be a limiting factor for some. There are those who let a perceived lack of talent hold them back. There are those with much talent who think they don’t need to work to achieve. We all have some degree of talent. Building on talent, using the previous seven keys, will lead to success.
     So,in other words,to get ourselves great,don't ever cry of our fallen,learn from our failure,because,if there is no failure,there will no success~~!


  1. nice post arif ;p motivates me too. lets be the rightful caliph of Allah in this world ehh ;p

  2. Now come on
    Quote from text:"it just carry on with my ordinary life,just do some Ibadah ,find my own money,married,and DIE?"

    That's my line!!! Normal's Overrated

  3. hah?
    is it??
    i do it on my own~~~
    from my deep heart~~

  4. just a nice blog. also motivates me in facing this life

  5. tnx~
    it is a real meaning of our life~
    so lets do this together~
    May Allah bless U


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