Thursday, December 24, 2009

Determination=keys to success~

2 days before the results :

My Mum : "Arif,I had dreamed about your result last night! I heard Ustaz Zulkifli told me that you got 9A!
(why must Ust Zul?..hehe)

1 of my friends : I got a dream! I dreamed that all the student of 3 Abu Bakar got 9A!

1 days before the results :
       I can see the nervousness of all my friends.Even in YM or FB,they are keep to tell the same thing! coming~I knew that! But why must all the candidates to feel so feared?Is it they are scared for what they had done before? We should believe on myself.I heard there are few who don't want to come to the result's announcement! What in the world that make they think that these can change their result? My principe is we had done our best,so,let us 'tawakkal alallah' for what we had done. But I dont know why my mum will shout at me every hour,'Arif,there are only 36 hours more! ' I just listen to my mum's nag.Actually,I dont feel anything! Im in unconcious mind.Because I keep telling myself,nothing will change now.

    So,at the night before the results,I got to sleep early.around 10.00 p.m.All of my family members just smile and laugh at me! "Dont worry,you will get 9A,confirmly!",said them.I just ignored them and locked my handphones clock,at 4.a.m.As I woke up,I just go the bath room and get some wudhuk.After make some tahajjud,I switched on my PC,just wanna see who else is not sleeping.As I sign in through my YM,I saw Muhd Luqman was online.When I asked him,he said that he was same like me!Around 5 o'clock,I went to the kitchen and reheated the last night food to make some sahur.After sahur,to avoid from sleeping,I just opened my garena and play some DOTA,just to relaxing myself~.After subuh,because of too sleepy,I took a nap.Around 8.00 a.m.I woke up and went to my garage.My mum was shocked as he saw me washing the car!haha~After that,I prepared for the school uniform(im so envy when looking at my friends just wearing the casual attire!)Before we set off,I make some solat dhuha first as my last effort or ikhtiar.I just keep 'berzikir" along our journey.Around 9.45 a.m. I entered the school gate.Im just laughing thoroughly when i saw the signboard "PMR-11 a.m. All the students MUST wear school uniform!".My first friend insight was my bestfriend,Irfan.After all of the male candidates making some laughter at the side of school mosque,we moved together to the hall,which have been crowded by the parents,which looked more excited than their son!lol.

    We just wait at the backside of our class counter.Just waiting for the result and slip to be bring inside.As I saw Cg Ezana bringing the slip inside the hall,in a second,we had crowded the counter,the hands of Cg ezana were holding the slip for all the straight A's.I can see the thickness,It looks like the majority of my class got straight a's.Cg Ezana opened up the slip and I can start see my friends name.What a proud!When suddenly,she called me,"Arifuddin,congratulations!".Without any looking at my slip,I ran to the back side and I hugged my mum!I said thank you mum!You are the best mother ever!She cried with joyness~And I can see all my sisters so impressed!haha.My first thing that came into my mind was that what about my friends?especially Raihan? :p While searching,I saw Jijul,he got 9 too!I was surprised!we hug among us,not gay ok!haha.I told him to find Raihan!Suddenly I saw her,at the 3 Umar's table.and guess what?she got 9 too!I was too happy!All the debaters got 9A's! I must told Kak Wani.After that,We had some photography sessions with the other 9A's candidates.My mouth almost cramp because of smiling too much infront of the camera!haha.

   My mum want to bring us for the lunch,but thinking about im fasting today,we just go to my granny's house,in Bangsar,KL.All my relatives said congrats to me.When we were about to leave,suddenly I remembered my slip!Where is it??Oh my GOD! My slip was lost! My flowering day was become a gloomy day,tired being nagged by my mum.Im so careless.When we were home,My mum try to call the school.The teacher said,I can get the second copy from there.I felt a little bit happy.Im not asking my mum for any present,because I think that I gotta more than that! My new PC! 

   Tonight,after eat for berbuka,I prepared myself to go to the seaside restaurant.My dad come back from his work with a big smile.He said that his mood today is very good!Untill his worker made a some kind of mistake he can just smile like that!haha.

   Now,going back to the title.Im agree 100% with this word =DETERMINATION.It is the keys to all the success in this world.Seriusly,Im taking my result because Im not feelin that Im hoping some miracle to let me get 9A.NO!Because Im taking the result with my confidence.Im sure that I can got straight A's! Because I had give all my determination to this war,and I HAD WON THIS WAR!

 Utusan Malaysia-25/12/2009

    Infront of the Hall

     My lovely mother! Thanks Mother! You are the best mom Ever!



  1. congrats yeah..!
    bgos tol preparation ko tyme nk amek result.
    patut contohi ko..huhu

  2. huhu~
    aq wat pon sbb aq tgh nervous..
    congrats too~


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