Sunday, February 26, 2012

"You don't know what my life is like,so shut up."

       "You don't know what my life is like,so shut up."

Salam and greetings. After a long long time, I didnt even look at my own blog for weeks. Its not because Im busy or something but im just feeling so lazy to click on the 'new post' button. Well, as people can see, Im having my 3 months holiday after my SPM exams. And there will be about 5 more months holiday after my SPM exam's  results had been announced. Till that moment, I ll just wait patiently and I heard of some rumours saying that the results will be announced on 22 March. Some others say "No!, its 2 weeks earlier!" I dont wanna give any damn predictions but If possible, I wanna take my own result tomorrow. Its a painful moment to be waited. I can wait no longer. I wish I could take my result as soon as possible and start thinking of my future.

   So, when we are talking about future, what is "FUTURE" meaning exactly? well, when I was 5 years old, my future is "Hey, I wanna be like jimmy neutron so that I can invent some cool stuffs!" And when I was form 5, I was like. "Hey, I wanna get married right after SPM!" Okay, thats hilarious. Well, thats what do we call as our "aim" maybe? Everyone has their own äim" and "future". So, in order to tell my target and my future to the world, I need to be precise. As my age is not 5 years old anymore but right now Im 18!. Okay theres nothing cool about being 18 as long as U didnt enter the universities yet. Uni life is awesome!

  Well, This is just a babbling post as I dont have any intention why I make this post but I just wanna try to make something in english. My english is getting rusty and rusty. I need someone that really good in english to talk to but I cant found anyone here. So maybe I just wanna test my english proficiency here. Sorry for taking your time but thanks for reading! :)

   "The awkward moment when you try to lighten the mood in a serious conversation by making a joke & everyone looks at you like you ate a puppy."

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