Sunday, December 18, 2011

After several months.

       Assalamualaikum, after a long, long time passed, finally here I come. Im still the old Arifuddin, but what different is, Im not a school kids anymore. Huh, a long sigh right? Yeah, I need to refresh back my memory. There are so many things inside my head right now. Okay, lets resolve all the things properly.

 What?What the heck is that? Okay,frankly speaking, i ve wasted a lot of my time to just focus on my studies. Guys, seriously, being a book worm is not good. Seriously, its not good. I ve lost myself since at the half of the year.But Alhamdulillah,I managed to get 11A for my mid year examination till the end of my trial(s).

Yeah,SPM inhibits my passion.After my last tournament,which is IIUM interschool debating championship,(im not really competing),yeah, I totally forgot,how to debate.WAHHH,so for this holiday,I ll try my best to keep updated by more recent issues and i ll come to train my juniors next year,I promise,InsyaAllah :)

  Erm,after havent been talking for MONTHS, I really lose my ability to talk and talk and talk. But i ll try my best to brush up for my interview(s) for the next 3 months. :)

After this, i ll keep updating with more recent news and issues.

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