Saturday, July 17, 2010

After 1 month~ the name of Allah with the gracious and merciful ..i feel so grateful as im still alive until everybody knows,after 1 month, now only i was given the chance to come home and do whatever i want.But the time seems very fast.It looks like just yesterday im going back to the hostel.The buziness makes the time flow very fast as our life running on the river.

    First thing that i could remember as i got back to the hostel is the public presentation during the assembly,at the front of students and teachers,about my trip to Japan.And it looked like a text presentation since i only read the text of myself in english with the help of Prob(one of my friends)to click the power point.A tremendous clap i got from that is only because of the amazing picture(maybe) and not because my sucks speech..LOL.

    And then the life is continued by the sports day of KISAS (which i thought it was very late).The preparation for the events is much more tiring than the day of the match.As determined,All form 4 have to take part in marching competition a.k.a. perbarisan.But the most unique thing is this competition looks like real..the training took about 2 weeks and extended until 12 pm every my body could feel the pain,took about 4 days to recover..and the result is only 3rd place...but its not a matter cause it was inter-sports houses.But at least i feel good when i got the 1st place in throws(lontar peluru),at least there is the feeling of satisfaction.huhu.

     The 3rd week is continued with the friendly match with SSP+ASIS+Modern School of India(imported from India) which I think it was an international match.The venue is KISAS.But I hate it when we were only informed a day before tournament.Not fair really,plus our 1st speaker went to PRS camping,so we had to face it!So, we just took other person(he is ok) to be the 1st speaker,and as usual,I be the 3rd speaker.The motion was THW prioritize organ donation to person that had lived a healthy lifestyle.That is world debate motion!SO,we were the government,versus ASIS.The motion was rejected.But its okay,at least I saw the sad face of Natasha Moore when they losed to Modern School of India.LOL.

      So,after that,the buziness continued with "Mahrajan Arabiyy" which was held during the weekend.I admit that maybe at the 1st time Im being rebellious because of the packness of this program.It reminds me to the orientation weeks of form 4.LOL.But after that I changed my "niat' to learn anything from this program as it was facilitated by students from arab too.Yeah,it looked like I got something from that.And I realised how important is the language.Its the most important tool to communicate with other person.



  1. erm..
    nice story..
    one advice..
    strive for the next competition..
    i believe you guys can do it!!!!

  2. really love the 4 and 5 pics..
    but makes me really damn guilty for dat and well...
    i missed the chance..'s ok strive for this upcoming tournament and next yr!!!!!!!

  3. great job arif! =) reminded me of the days when i had so much fun in my adolescence (gaya mcm dh jadi adult je..) =) . keep it up =)


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