Saturday, January 29, 2011

After a month


      Assalamualaikum,ok guys,i know that all of u are missing me,but its okay,im here right now.JUST KIDDING.Finally,I get this chance to go back to my house.I think,one week is good enough for me to release all the stresses and neutralize back what had happened to me for this month.

    Overall,I think the life in college is getting better.It is better since I dont have to bear with all the pressure from the seniors as I am the senior right now.And the freedom is already mine!So,frankly,this new year started very well by having a diagnostic test on SPM's subject to stream the class according to their REAL potential.So,I was  PUSHED to be in the 1st class.(woot.woot.BIG APPLAUSE,guys).Ok enough.But the thing is,yes,I do scared to enter that class,where you can yet feel the study aura from outside of the class.

  My class teacher always say that "usually,students from 1st and 2nd class will eventually go overseas".WOW.Thats awesome!But that is a MAJAZ (perumpamaan arab).Because that means that I have to crush,blend,burn and explode my brain to get the 11A+ for the exam.Thats double awesome!ok fine,JUST KIDDING.

   Maybe it is true like people always say,"Memory is hurting but nice".It is hard for me to leave my class,teachers,and friends from class 502.Eventhough it is just beside my old class,yes,the memory is inevitable.So guys,If u r reading this post,I just wanna say,All da best for the exam!Insya-Allah,we will find the barakah in our own way after this.Dont ever lose your hope.There is always a way to make changes.

  402~502,always in memory~

with love~

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